Fashion Trends to Crave for in 2021.


It has been over a year of the lockdown and working from home. People are craving to go out and have some human interaction!  The pandemic has changed the meaning of fashion trends for all of us. It has made us realize fashion should come from comfort more than anything else, and whatever way we dress should make us feel like ourselves and comfortable at the same time.

So what are the trends that you should be looking out for in 2021! Let’s find them out! What is the hype, the fashion which everyone is craving for this year? Let us know about them! 

Baggy Jeans

Gone are the days when there was a trend for skinny fir jeans. It has been a while we all are sitting at home, and we all have been habitual of having the comfort of shorts and loose T-shirts wearing all day. So, baggy jeans are here to crave in 2021!

baggy jeans

Easy to wear, super comfortable and stylish at the same time! The places to buy these are H&M or Zara. Myntra also has a good collection if you dig up a bit on their website. 

Bright colours (Neon green and orange)

2021 is the year to have some colours in your life. We all have been habitual in wearing black and grey all day that now the trend has changed. Neon is in the direction for the year 2021, especially Neon orange or green.

Neon Green Kurti

Be it tops, Kurti, dresses, shorts, this colour has stood the challenges of the fashion industry and has got all the fashion gurus and influencers appreciating its beauty!

Hoodies with a slight twist!

Hoodies are back in business as well as in fashion! But this time, they have not come back alone, it has entered the mainstream fashion with a slight twist, and that is A Blazer! Wear a hoody under your blazer and get all the comfort you need while looking professional at the same time! Indeed, this particular trend is something we all have craved for quite a while, and now it has finally come into the mainstream fashion trends. 

Puff Sleeves!

There is the ever-changing fashion, and there is fashion that is evergreen and bound to come back sooner or later! Puff Sleeves are one such thing! They are trendy, comfy and looks stylish at the same time! Definitely an item to crave in 2021! If you go ahead and observe any fashion influencers right now, they all are going gaga over the puff sleever and why not?

Full Sleeve Puff Sleeve Top for Women & Girls

The whole year has made bold changes in fashion by going for all the fresh and comfy wear! This year resembles the 90s trends, but that’s the thing about fashion it has continually repeated itself every 10-15 years and so by making a remake! 

So go ahead and refresh yourself with these trends in 2021. Share your thoughts and opinions about the same! Don’t forget to tell me what do you think about the trends that are trending in 2021.  

Don’t forget to share this with your fashion-loving friends. They need to be stay updated with the latest designs!

Shilpa Sharma
Shilpa Sharma
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