At 20,230 feet, this football match took place in zero gravity; It set a new world record for Guinness.

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The match took place inside a plane with a soccer field built in. 

To replicate the game’s zero-gravity environment, the flight took a parabolic trajectory. The “Highest Altitude Game of Football on a Parabolic Flight” has now become the world record. 


The red team’s Luis Figo made his presence known by scoring a goal.

After scoring a goal in a match against zero gravity, soccer legend Luis Figo entered the Guinness Book of World Records. The match was unique in that it was played at a height of 20,230 feet. A diverse team of seven players from the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America, in addition to Figo, participated in the record-breaking match.

On August 20, 2022, the match took place inside a Parabolic Flight with a 75-square-meter pitch inside the aircraft. There were two teams in the match: Team Red and Team Yellow. By scoring a bicycle kick goal while floating in the air, Team Red player Figo rolled back the years. Team Red scored the second goal to win the game 2-1, despite Team Yellow scoring an equalizer.

“Football unites people from all over the world and transcends boundaries. I’ve played in stadiums where the electric atmosphere evokes feelings that transcend nationalities and cultures; “This was the same experience I had playing this beautiful game with a group of fearless soccer fanatics taking their passion for the sport to unprecedented heights at 20,000 feet above the ground,” Figo stated in the news release.

The legendary footballer Luis Figo has played for Sporting CP, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Inter Milan, among the best clubs in Europe. Additionally, he has appeared in 127 Portugal matches. When Figo left Barcelona in 2000 to join bitter rivals Real Madrid, he shocked the footballing world.

The Portuguese legend helped the club win La Liga in 2000/01 and 2002/03 after moving to Santiago Bernabeu.

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