Fraud in the name of KYC: cases increased 5 times in 4 years.


In the name of QR code-based payment, insurance, income tax, UPI, KYC update and SIM up-gradation through fake call centres, fraudsters can vacate all your deposits. If you look at the data of Delhi Police till 31 December 2020, there has been a five times increase in thecases of cyber fraud in the last four years. In 2017, where there were only 7200 complaints, in 2020, it reached 37280.

You get a phone call that your wallet or bank KYC is invalid. The caller says that it can be validated online so that your account can be activated again. You are asked to download an app for convenience. When you use the app, the caller sees your mobile phone screen. He asks you to transfer a small amount of money to the wallet. When you do this, it considers the password and other details.

They get trapped in sextortion.

Cyber ​​fraudsters increase friendship with people through an online medium in the name of women. After getting close, they make video calls on Messenger or WhatsApp, record obscene video clips with their calls and extort that objectionable video by threatening to make it public on various social media platforms. The accused can be both a woman or a man.

You get caught in shopping fraud.

Cyber attackers create fake clones of branded e-commerce websites or apps and launch them on the Play Store. After this, these fraudsters offer you discounts ranging from 60 to 80 per cent on various products on their fake websites. Seeing reasonable offers, you also order immediately. People get caught in the guise of just this cheap and pay directly. But, the products are never delivered, and if you check that link, you find that connection was also missing.

Be careful

If you have any doubt about an e-mail, link, website or phone call, stay away from it. Stay away from fake popups too. Do not click on the UPI link appearing in the name of any scheme. When you pay by scanning the QR code, first confirm that it is correct or not. Accept the offer of friendship from an unknown person on social media carefully.

Use security feature

Currently, most of us are using digital platforms, but very few people take precautions related to cybersecurity. To avoid cyber attacks, it is necessary to know about the security feature and use it.



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