Game Of Thrones Actor Kit Harington Says Social Media Is Not Good For His Mental Health


Actor Kit Harington is not present on any social media platform, be it Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, despite his global popularity as Jon Snow, the brooding hero of the epic HBO fantasy drama series, ‘Game Of Thrones’ where he also met his wife, actor Rose Leslie.

The 34-year-old London-born actor, whose upcoming project is the second season of Amazon Prime Video’s anthology series ‘Modern Love‘, which will release on 13th August 2021.

The actor says he doesn’t prefer social media but does not dislike it at the same time. He doesn’t trust himself with it.

I avoid social media. I don’t think being present on it is excellent for my mental health. I believe without Social Media, living my life is more manageable, and I would choose that.

It is not like; I’m not too fond of Social Media.

I don’t trust Social Media; by that, I mean I don’t trust myself on it.

I believe my wife would not be pleased with me, Kit Harrington said.

Kit Harrington stated that after the death of his character Jon Snow in the 5th season of Game of Thrones, he had to resort to Therapy due to the impact the characters death had on his mental health.

He also mentioned that it was the “toughest days” for him until his character was back in the next season.

Kit Harrington stated that he chose ‘MODERN LOVE’ because his character resembles his personality a lot.

The story adapts to the old school romance instead of modern romance like exchanging numbers on Social Media contacts and choose to meet again in a traditional way.

Harrington said that Modern Technology dominates a significant part of our life.

“Another reason for accepting ‘Modern Love’

was I din’t wanted to play a Dark character, because at that time my wife became pregrant, so I was already so overwhelmed with all the things happening in my life, so i chose to do something light.” he said.

The couple became parents to a baby boy in February.

Farmil Ansari
Farmil Ansari
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