Five changes to mobile search are coming soon, according to Google.

Updates on mobile search

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During today’s Google Search On conference, the company revealed that it will implement five significant changes to mobile search.


On the Google app for iOS, you can now take shortcuts to do things other than type in a standard search query starting today.

Google will be updating the mobile search bar in the coming months with features that will help users locate more relevant results.

Google’s mobile results display is about to change, becoming more visual and focusing more on video and images.

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Following are some of the new updates-

  1. Google Search Shortcuts

Beyond typing a text query, there are numerous other ways to search Google.

By uploading screenshots, you can locate products, translate text using Google Lens, and even locate songs by humming into the microphone.

With tappable shortcuts, all of the advanced ways to search Google will now be easier to see on the Google app for iOS.

  1. Results In The Search Bar

By displaying links to results in the search bar, Google is making mobile search even faster.

Before you submit the query, Google will begin filling in the results as soon as you start typing.

This feature is set to introduce in the coming months.

  1. Enhanced Query Refinements

By displaying a variety of query refinements, Google is making it simpler to locate the most relevant results.

Google will suggest ways to make your query more specific as you type it into the mobile search bar.

  1. Google Web Stories

Google is integrating Google Web Stories more deeply, making mobile search more visually appealing.

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In a statement, Google states:

“As a result, we’re also making it simpler to investigate a topic by highlighting the most useful and pertinent information, including open-source content from creators. When it comes to topics like cities, you might see short videos and visual stories from people who have been there. You might also get advice on how to see the city, what to do, how to get there, and other important details that you might want to know as you plan your travels”.

  1. Combining Text, Images, and Videos

Google is transforming mobile search results pages into a never-ending stream of new information.

Because Google will display everything on the front page, you won’t have to switch between the Web, Images, and Video tabs any longer.

Google calls this page’s combination of text, images, and video a “reimagining” of how it presents search results.

The upcoming months will see the introduction of these new mobile search information exploration methods.

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