Google Pixel to be Launched this year


This year contributes to one of the most exciting launches in the field of technology and gadgets. As per the reports, Google has officially announced the new Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro launch.

These durable devices surfaced to the platform for a vast range of audiences at a considerable price, which would approximately come around $699 / £599 / AU$999. On the other hand, Pixel 6 Pro variated as a luxury asset, which might constitute a premium price barrier.

The due sources officiate that the device is designed as a sleek model, downed with a visor camera, splitting the backside into two. This newly to be released headset is confirmed to have an in-house chipset for the first time, like never seen before. Known to be called Google Tensor, the organisation has elevated the promotions of mobile phones via how the custom silicon works.

The exact dates conferred are around ‘fall 2021’ in the US, so it’s likely to come around October with Android 12. 

The outer interior 

 In early August google, officiated to exhibit the Pixel 6 in series. The legitimated design leaks are potential authentication by the company, which were on and about in 2021. The sleek device’s design and display constructs bring out a classical elegant outsource, where across the width of the back, a camera block runs, making it look contemporary.

The Pixel 6 has a matt black edge to the camera block, while the Pixel 6 Pro has a silver lining. There is all screen style seen to the front of the phone, and on the central punch, the whole constitutes a selfie camera.

Marques Brownlee, a famous YouTuber who reviews phone devices, said that Pixel 6 Pro has an arched 120Hz screen of around 6.7 inches, while Pixel 6 has a smaller 90Hz flat screen.

More so, there are differentiated variant claims regarding the design of the phone, one of which says Google Pixel 6 Pro has a 6.67-inch curved AMOLED display and wide constructing dimensions, alongside dual stereo speakers. While others conjure that Pixel 6 Pro might have a QHD resolution, the Pixel 6 might have a 6.4-inch flat screen.

Another news outsourced by Jon Prosser that both models use OLED, with Pixel 6 Pro’s screen to be 6.71 inches.

Battery life and Camera 

 The techno is outlined with two cameras, with three shooters – with the extra being a 4x optical telephoto. Further, Marques Brownlee conferred two primary lenses, which are ultra-wide. He also claimed that Google adds on new photosensors since Pixel 2, which shall enlighten Pixel 6 with an upgrade in its video outcome, which contributed by the new chipset.

Previous claims objectified that the primary Camera would initiate 50MP and a large sensor, with an 8MP periscope snapper and an ultra-wide camera. Another external report claims that Pixel 6 has a 50MP primary and 12MP ultra-wide camera, while the Pixel 6 Pro has both with a 48MP telephoto one. While the selfie camera for Pixel 6 is 8MP, and for Pixel 6 Pro, it is 12MP.

Reliable sources claim that the Pixel 6 Pro battery to have 5,000mAH while Pixel will have a smaller one. At the same time, another source clarifies Pixel 6 battery to be 4,614 mAh.Evidence proves to have a wireless charging of more than 12W.

Variant Features 

 The google tensor on the new device is said to bring about many additional changes such as improved camera quality, speech recognition, improved voice commands, translation, captioning and dictation. Location of voice and procession is also available due to favourable roots of the Tensor, which shall provide faster searches from Google Assistant and other vocal interface features.

The chip recently has been claiming high popularity and is to have 5nm. Various evaluations boost that chip is Samsung Exynos 9855. The performance rate for Pixel 6 is accepted somewhere, to be around Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy S22. Pixel 6 can have 8GB of RAM of 128GB or 256GB of storage, with the Pixel 6 Pro uprising the RAM to 12GB and offering 128GB, 256GB or 512GB of storage. With a potential of 5 years of a software update.

Some more exclusive features offered by Google are coming to know in their new devices: one-handed mode and in-screen fingerprint scanner. Lastly, there is news that Pixel 6 shall provide UWB or ultra-wideband technology, a function that allows the device to communicate with one another if they are nearby.

It can be discreet for location tracking, along with a redesigned version of google translate. Google also claimed to have hardware security which might prove to be provisional.

It looks like goggle has a lot in store for us. Until then, let’s wait for the official launch and determine how many speculations came to be accurate and evaluate processing us to possess the device. 




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