Haiti Earthquake: Surging Death Toll and Rescue Operation


The 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake has left nearly 6000 people injured on Sunday, with thousands displaced from their homes and families.

The Earthquake originated about 125 kilometres west of Haiti’s capital, Port-Au-Prince, which had suffered severely during the 2010 earthquake.


Over 1200 have been reported to death in the catastrophic Haiti Earthquake, with crews and operation teams digging up constantly through the collapsed buildings, searching for survivors.

According to the nation’s civil protection agency, churches, schools, homes, and buildings crumbled up on Saturday, trapping thousands of victims underneath and leaving nearly 6000 people injured.

Around 13,600 buildings have been destructed and 13,700 damaged, trapping hundreds of people under the rubble.

Heavy damage has been reported in the city of Jeremie, which Is home to 2,00,000 people.

Significant destruction was also seen in the town of Les Cayes, including the collapse of multi-Storey buildings.

The landslide was also caused, blocking the main road from Les Cayes to Jeremie on the island’s southwestern tip.

With the shock and fear spreading among the people, they spent Saturday nights outdoor, sleeping in front of their homes and on roads, to avoid the effects of aftershocks.

Several aftershocks have hit Haiti since Saturday and on Sunday, after the significant Earthquake left the city, which broke some towns to the roots and triggered landslides and other disasters.


After monitoring the situation and destruction via helicopter, the Haitian Government has declared an emergency state for a month to respond immediately to the calamity. It has called the nation not to panic, stay calm and show solidarity.

The United States and other countries swiftly pledged support, approving immediate aid efforts.

USAID deployed an urban search and rescue team to extend a helping hand to the earthquake disaster team in Haiti, bringing special tools, medical and equipment supplies.

The Dominican Republic, the neighbour of Haiti, has positioned shipping of 10,000 food rations and medical aid.

Haiti Earthquake: Surging Death Toll and Rescue Operation
Image Source: Christian Science Monitor

Cuba and Ecuador disposed of their search-and-rescue team to Haiti. Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Venezuela have also offered help.

United Nations President, Antonio Guterres, said it is working to support relief and rescue efforts to the intense calamity of Haiti.

The major Earthquake has destroyed 60% of its healthcare system, leading island authorities and the humanitarian community to a challenge.

Aid organizations have alerted that the death toll will likely increase, and Haiti can face less-intensive aftershocks for a month.

Rescue efforts have a great chance of being hampered after the origin of tropical depression Grace, making its way to the Caribbean.

It is anticipated to bring heavy rainfall and floods to Haiti from Monday Evening, told U.S. National weather Service.

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