Hardeep Singh Puri takes charge of The Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas.


Thursday, July8, 2021 Hardeep Singh Puri takes charge of The Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas. The Minister was accompanied by the petroleum minister of state for Petroleum Rameshwar Teli. Puri succeeds Dharmendra Pradhan as New Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister of India.

Although Hardeep Singh Puri has relinquished the civil aviation of portfolio but still holds the Urban Affairs Ministry and The Housing. The ministry under Puri will focus on the production of domestic crude oil and natural gas and help the citizens of the country become Atmanirbhar.

He also said that to create a gas-based economy in the country, we will check that natural gas is available using clean fuel. It is an arduous task at the hands of a former diplomat amid supply constraints and global oil prices surging. In future, it will be hard to deal with ever-increasing petrol prices and diesel prices. The global oil spewing exporters, including OPEC, gradually remove the production cuts and help in decreasing the surging oil prices.

Another primary task at the hands of Puri, which is slowed down due to the fraternity investor’s subdued interest covered with pandemic COVID-19 and the induced slowdown, is to privatize the BPCL ( Bharat Petroleum Corporation LTD ).

This challenge should not be much difficult for Puri as from his past experience, which inordinately delayed the privatization of Air India, which was tried to achieve by him during his stint as Civil Aviation Minister.

Anshul Pritwani
Anshul Pritwani
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