How the Covid-19 Pandemic Affected E-Commerce Companies?


In the retail and hospitality industry, the Covid-19 has caused irreparable harm, but on the other side, it has rapidly increased E-Commerce growth. Renowned E-Commerce companies like Grofers, Big Basket, and Lenskart were technically abled and advanced enough to handle these recent issues well.

The augmented reality feature of Lenskart has helped a lot of retail shoppers buy regular or reading glasses online. At the same time, Grofers kept their groceries and other essential food items without any inconveniences.

But not all companies are technically advanced enough to tackle these problems well, especially in this pandemic where massive customer traffic exists. Many E-Commerce companies are under tremendous pressure during this pandemic, like less workforce and more catering demand.

As the covid-19 outbreak evolves, the surge in orders, disruptions in demand, customer behaviour changes keep increasing, and if someone has a B2B business, it will undoubtedly affect them.

The main challenges faced by E-Commerce companies in this pandemic

Enhanced Assortment

Proper sanitization and social distancing are the only two things that may help us control this virus and keeping it at bay. Visiting the shopping malls and other grocery stores is prohibited now.

Even the most ardent retail shoppers started looking for products online, though restricted the movement, the demand kept growing mainly to fulfill their daily needs. The E-Commerce players realized how they ignored some essential everyday products when the searches had increased.

Safe and Fast Delivery

With limited inventory and staff, online stores had a tough time managing huge orders. E-Stores in the US, India, UK, Singapore suffered considerable losses in this pandemic and more during the initial days of lockdown. 

While re-hauling their service delivery system, Key Stakeholders got coaxed with increased demand and a lack of proper business plans. But now, the e-commerce companies have overcome all these blockades and started delivering in the remotest corners with ease. 

The main challenges faced by E-Commerce companies in this pandemic

Delivery to Fulfilment centers

To ship their products to fulfillment centers, initially, the news was that leading marketplaces had suspended this facility due to the lockdown. This decision had a significant impact on everything, including:-

  1. Online selling abilities of sellers
  2. Huge order taking capabilities of marketplaces
  3. More accessible and on-time delivery of products
  4. Confidence of customers(which is usually a benchmark of marketplaces)

To comply with the government, marketplaces had no option other than suspending delivery to fulfillment centers. As they were out of essential products, they had to refund prepaid orders, and the customer feedback took an evident hit. This caused huge losses for some leading online stores.

Throughout the country, government and leading industry leaders worked closely to ensure the smooth movement and delivery of products. Many authorities figured out how e-commerce sites can prove to be a boon.

What are the solutions to these problems? 

  1. Looking after their old customers and communities
  2. Ensuring that their e-commerce meets the needs and requirements of their customers
  3. Streamlining return processes
  4. Rolling out websites in new regions
  5. Properly dealing with demand disruptions and chain of supply 

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