How to boost your brand on the internet: Digital Marketing Strategies


If you’re starting a business and you want to branch out, digital marketing is critical for your growth. It’s faster, more efficient, and there are hundreds of ways you can leverage the internet in expanding your company.

So how do you attract consumers and make your business stand out from the rest? Here are five tips and tricks of digital marketing that will help you refine your strategies:

Make your site accessible

Bringing traffic to your website is the first step to attracting potential customers. Search advertising helps your site get clicks when they appear, along with dozens of others.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo! have slightly different search formats and rules that you must follow. It also helps to optimise your URL and include keywords in your headlines to be relevant to your service.

The easier your site is to access, the more clicks you’ll be getting on your site. Drawing in traffic goes a long way!

Mobile-friendly websites are the go-to.

You might be pushing away customers if your website is optimised for just PC devices. Mobile devices are more user-friendly when it comes to internet browsing. Your site’s design, security, speed and interface should be modified to suit mobile users.

Mobile-friendly websites are the go-to.

The site should be simple, effective and responsive so that it caters to the audience’s needs. Avoid tiny links and increase readability by breaking off large paragraphs.

Incorporate SEO for promotion

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) provides tremendous merit in maximising your site’s potential. Implementing SEO strategies into your overall content will promote and raise your site’s relevance in search engines.

Incorporate SEO for promotion

Target keywords, geo-specific terms, and positive reviews help in pushing the rank of your site. Backlinks from credible websites also drive visitors when your business is just starting. There should be share buttons to help engagement through sharing your site’s content on social media pages.

Catchy phrases, questions or quotes also help in selling your site. Organic traffic helps in creating long-term customers.

Know your audience

Your target audience should be relevant to your brand’s products and services. Identify the age demographic as well as the interests of your customers and invest in meeting those requirements.

Know your audience

Your brand should offer content that aligns with the interests of your buyers. Keep track of the ‘selling points of your services and tailor your site to provide smooth online browsing and transactions.

Social Media engagement

Building a brand, a website and waiting for customers to pool in will leave you stagnant. Social media is the most efficient place for growing your company.

One crucial strategy is advertising. Social media ads rake in potential buyers and divert traffic back to your site. They may even present the first impression of your content and popularise your brand, which is why ads should be honed to fit different platforms.

Social Media engagement

Another helpful tip is managing accounts and pages in your brand’s name. It’s easier for customers when companies have social media handles where they can be directly contacted.

These pages also boost engagement through campaigns and promotions. A favourable internet reputation will establish good relationships with your audience and even attract potential customers.

Research and stay up to date.

Now that you know some of the basic tricks to digital marketing, the next thing is to do your research. Although some general rules follow, promoting your brand requires specific and personalised strategies that go hand in hand with your niche.

Keep track of the latest trends, update your advertisements, promote and share your content on other platforms. Invest your time into reviewing what is selling your brand and what isn’t. Be mindful of your employees as they make up the face of your company. And most of all, don’t be afraid to make changes.

Following these tips might not make your business boom overnight, but they will help you improve your digital marketing strategies even by a bit. The concept might seem challenging and overwhelming, but if you have a clear goal in mind, it’s okay to take things slow and one step at a time.

Himhimi C
Himhimi C
Lalchhanhimi or Himhimi as she goes by is a 2nd-year B.A. student majoring in English Language and Literature at Pachhunga University College. She was born and raised in the hilly areas of Aizawl, Mizoram and currently resides at Bethlehem Veng, Aizawl with her family. An avid lover of Arts and Literature, Himhimi has tried her hand in poetry, story writing and the likes throughout her academic journey. She runs a WordPress blog by the name 'acorndews' where she expresses her creativity freely without the barriers of formal templates and formats. Through her works and writings, she hopes to connect with other souls who may share a similar passion for the art of writing.



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