India Legends secured the birth for finals by defeating Australia legends in a two-day match delayed to heavy rainfall.


Raipur: The First-day match was led by Shane Watson as Australia legends came out to bat after losing the toss. The brilliant Bowling by Mithun and Yusuf with their good forms.


Naman Ojha held on to till the last thread with great performance smashing bowlers with 92 off 62 balls and later with Irfan joining the duo played 37 in 12 balls securing India a safe place for Finals.   


Australia Innings


The start was quite pleasant for Australia with Watson and Dollan with a strong partnership of 40/0 as Watson registered 25 runs in 14 balls with Doolan on 14 on 10 balls the duo with a good start. At the end of the 4th over Munaf conceded 13 runs including a 4 by Watson.

Rahul came to the ball and after 5.3 overs a delivery on Watson’s pads, Watson tried to guide it, but the ball turns away, and Raina covered it with a catch, securing Watson’s Wicket on 30(21).  With a final score of 57/1.

Dunk starts on strong with a 4 on Rahul’s poor delivery ending the over.

In the very next over Yusuf with good delivery and Doolan fails to connect well as he goes forward and Ojha with stumps and OUT. With 35(31). And Australia lost one more. Later Yusuf took Ferguson’s wicket.

Dunk tried to save the match and Mithun with a full toss Dunk gives a full swing but Raina dives in to catch and Dunk to bench. A brilliant catch by Raina, Score for Day-1 136/5 in 17 overs. And the match was postponed and resumed from the same point at 3:30 pm IST.

The next day, Reardon was also caught by Naman Ojha at 5(8) and Cameron White and Haddin’s partnership scored 42(26) leading to the Final Score of 171/5.  

Indian Innings


Indian Legend’s opening started with Sachin Tendulkar and Naman Ojha with a start of 38 runs in 5 overs with Tendulkar with 10(11) and Ojha with 28(21). And Reardon with a good slow yorker delivery Sachin goes for a hit but misses and OUT with a low score of 10(11).

Big blow for India Legends as Sachin departs to benches

Suresh Raina comes to bat and in partnership with Ojha scored 54 in 8 overs but Jason with a brilliant delivery to Suresh Raina, Raina tries to hit Jason off but misses and ended up with a catch near the long-off fence. The game seems to look like a losing battle with Raina’s Wicket.

Yuvraj walks in under pressure, but Ojha starts to attack and manages to hit half a century, and Yuvraj with 10(8) the duo seems to be unstoppable. With five hits over the boundary especially with Ojha as he spun McGain by giving 16 runs in an over. With the score of 93/2 in 11 overs.

As it looked like the match is again on track for India legends, Australia Legends strike backs as Watson with a delivery yuvi misses and bowled. Yuvraj lost the wicket at 18(15).

It wasn’t a pitch where batsmen would just come and play their shots. Yuvraj tried a big shot and left. Binny comes on the field McGain comes to attack and gives a good delivery and takes Binny out on 4(6) as Cameron with a good catch.

And as Watson comes to the ball Takes Yusuf out with a catch by Haddin with 1(2) and it ended for Binny and Yusuf before it even started.       

Ojha still holding on with 50(30 balls) giving strong hope to India Legends. Need 46 runs in 4 overs.

Irfan Pathan comes to the crease with strong pressure and goes to attack as Nannes bowls to take the wicket Irfan took the ball out for a spin leading to Six. A strong partnership between Ojha and Irfan.

Needed 24 runs in last two overs tensed atmosphere Nannes bowls to Irfan, Irfan goes to attack and back-to-back sixes destroying Nanne and finishing the match with a brilliant four.

India Legends won by 5 wickets from Australia Legends securing the road to the finals.   

(With inputs from Multiple Media Outlets)

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