India ranks lowest in the global environment performance Index.


India ranked the lowest among 180 countries in 2022 for the global environmental performance Index. Our country scored 18.9 and ranked at the bottom, Denmark being at the top among all other countries in the world.

It was declared the most sustainable country in the world. There are forty performance indicators on which the rank of any country is determined. The indicators include public health, climate change, biodiversity, waste management, drinking water, and sanitation.

India’s Rising Environmental Concern

With the passing of every decade, India’s pollution is rising to an unmatchable extent. Few metropolitan cities are so polluted that people have to go for a lockdown in their homes in order to escape from the pollution.

Other than air pollution, proper waste management is yet another issue of concern in the big cities. There are no proper sanitation facilities because of the increasing number high rise buildings. Children, as well as adults, are facing serious health issues due to poor environmental conditions.

The EPI Estimates

Nations like India, China, and Russia are continuously heading towards the bottom line in sustainable development and proper health and hygiene. Scandinavian countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland have proper environmental conditions and are extremely healthy for people to live sustainable lives.

The data-driven research was carried out by the Yale and University of Columbia for the Environmental Performance Index. Countries like India and Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Pakistan are at the bottom rankings and need extra attention and high priority for issues like water, air, and sanitation.

These countries have given more priority to economic growth and at the cost of sustainability. China and India are denoted to be the largest producers of greenhouse gases by the year 2050. The European nations have also scored a lower rank which gives an immediate call for the protection of their environment.



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