Indian Railways calls for Bids for Hydrogen-Fuel-Based Technology for Diesel-Run Trains


Indian Railways invites bids while the technology is tested on the DEMU in 89KM Sonipat- Jind Section.

Under the Flagship Programmes, ‚ÄėAdvanced Chemistry cell batteries‚Äô and ‚ÄėNational Hydrogen Mission‚Äô to reduce the emission of Green House Gases under the Paris Climate Agreement 2015 and ‚ÄėMission Net Zero Carbon Emission Railway‚Äô by 2030, Indian Railways are all geared up to run trains on Hydrogen-fuel based technology.

On Saturday, The Union Ministery of Railways has invited bids for Hydrogen-fuel based technology, which determines whether diesel-run trains can be retrofitted on Hydrogen instead.

The testing begins on the Diesel Electronic Multiple Unit, which runs on the 89Km long track between Sonipat and Jind.

A pre-bid conference will be held on August 17, and the project might end by October 5.

The bidding for the hydrogen-fuel based DEMU will begin from September 21.

Why Hydrogen?

The Ministry of Railway‚Äôs statement read, ‚ÄúThe retrofitting of diesel-powered DEMU and converting it into Hydrogen fuel-powered train set will not only save the cost to the tune of Rs 2.3 crores annually by converting from diesel to Hydrogen but also save the carbon footprint (NO2) of 11.12-kilo tons per annum and particulates matter of 0.72-kilo Tonnes per annum.‚ÄĚ

The Success of Pilot Project

If the project is successful, the rolling stock that will operate on diesel fuel after electrification can be planned to run on Hydrogen.

Indian Railways calls for bids for Hydrogen- fuel- based technology for diesel-run trains
Image Source: Business Today

Under this project, initially, two DEMU rakes are being converted to Hydrogen-fuel based. An amount of Rs. 8 crores are allocated for this phase in the current year.

This project aims at lowering pollution from trains and ease the environment with reduced carbon emission. Electrolyzing the water with solar energy can quickly generate Hydrogen.

Presently, the trial of one rake is being undertaken in Germany and another one in Poland. Significantly few countries are undertaking this method, said the railway ministry.

Thus, the Indian Government is undergoing many changes and bringing up more ambitious projects for environment relaxation and pollution control.

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