Brief News: India’s 1st Women CJI


The Supreme Court Collegium, led by Chief Justice NV Ramana from India, has recommended nine judges to the Supreme Court. The Collegium has also suggested Justice BV Nagarathna, a judge on the Karnataka High Court.

In 2008, she was appointed as an Additional Judge of the High Court of Karnataka, and nearly two years later, she was appointed as a permanent judge.

She’ll most likely be there for a month. Her appointment will be a watershed event in the country’s legal system.

She will be following in her father’s footsteps, Chief Justice of India ES Venkataramiah, who served from June to December 1989.

“India’s patriarchal culture doesn’t know how to treat powerful women,” Justice Nagarathna said at one of her recent court sessions.

“Nobody can study on a hungry stomach,” Justice Nagarathna stated earlier this year while hearing a lawsuit on mid-day meals.

“There may be illegitimate parents, but there can never be illegitimate children,” a division bench of Justices B V Nagarathna and Hanchate Sanjeevkumar said in July.

The other two women judges on the Collegium’s list of recommendations are Justice Hima Kohi and Justice Bela Trivedi.

Justice Hima Kohli became the first woman to assume the office of Chief Justice of Telangana High Court in January. In 2006, she also served as a judge in the Delhi High Court.

Justice Bela Trivedi currently serves on the Gujarat High Court as a judge. She chastised the Gujarat administration in May when a fire at a Covid hospital killed 18 people.

She had informed the administration that it “amounts to the state’s disrespectful conduct for not being alert so that similar occurrences are not repeated again and again.”

There have been calls for a female Chief Justice in India. Former Chief Justice of India SA Bobde stated that before his retirement, India has come to have a female Chief Justice.

“We have the best interest of women in mind, and we are putting that into action.” We haven’t changed our minds.

The only thing left is to find qualified individuals, he stated in April. Chief Justice Ramana has already said that a woman should lead the judiciary.

PS Narasimha, a senior advocate and former Additional Solicitor General, will be a Supreme Court Judge.

Justice Abhay Shreeniwas Oka, Justice Vikram Nath, Justice JK Maheshwari, Justice CT Ravikumar, and Justice MM Sundresh,are among the other justices recommended by the five-member Collegium.

Women in NDA

India's 1st women CJI

The Supreme Court issued an interim judgement on Wednesday allowing women to sit the National Defence Academy (NDA) admission exam slated for September 5. The outcome would be subject to the petitions’ final adjudication.

In a writ case filed by Kush Kalra seeking permission for women applicants to compete for the NDA exam, a division bench comprising Justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Hrishikesh Roy issued an interim decision.

Light of the previous order, the UPSC is also required to issue a formal corrigendum announcement and “provide due publicity so that the intent of the judgement is translated into effect.”

Interaction in the courtroom “The Union of India submitted a counter-affidavit to us yesterday.

They claim in the counter affidavit that it is purely a policy decision that should not be interfered with by the court, and that just because girls are not allowed to join the NDA does not mean they will have any difficulty progressing or advancing in their careers “, the petitioner’s Senior Advocate Chinmoy Pradip Sharma told the bench.

Aishwarya Bhati, Additional Solicitor General, was questioned by Justice Kaul “Why are you persisting in this path?

Even after Justice Chandrachud’s ruling broadening the horizons and allowing women to serve in the Army on a permanent basis? This is no longer true! We think it’s ridiculous!”

“Will the Army only intervene if a court order is issued? Otherwise, why not? If that’s what you want, we’ll do it!

Since the High Court, I’ve had the impression that the Army does not believe in doing anything voluntarily until a judgement is issued! “the judge continued.

In May 2021, the Army inducted the first batch of women into the Corps of Military Police, the first time that women joined the military in the non-officer cadre.

For the first time, two female army officers were picked to train as helicopter pilots at the force’s elite Combat Army Aviation Training School in Nashik, Maharashtra, in June 2021.

Tanks and infantry combat positions, however, are still off-limits to women.

Explosion in Pakistan Shia procession

India's 1st women CJI

According to witnesses and a Shia leader, a massive explosion struck a procession of Shia Muslims in central Pakistan on Thursday, injuring at least 30 persons. There were unverified rumours that several of the victims had died.

Police and paramedics were seen rushing toward the explosion scene in videos that circulated on social media.

Several wounded persons were spotted on the road in the highly conservative city of Bahawalnagar in the eastern Punjab province, where the incident took place, waiting for aid. In a statement, Khawar Shafqat, a Shia leader, confirmed the bombing but gave no other details.

Ashoura festival, so no government or police officials were available for comment.

The yearly observance honours Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Hussein, one of Shia Islam’s most adored saints, who died in the 7th century.

For Shia Muslims, remembering Hussein is an emotional occasion, with many mourning his death at the Battle of Karbala in modern-day Iraq.

Many participants beat their backs with chains during Ashura processions around the world, flagellating themselves as a symbolic statement of grief for not saving Hussein before his martyrdom.

Shafqat said the explosion occurred as a procession of Shia Muslims passed through a busy Muhajir Colony neighbourhood.

He condemned the attack and urged the government to beef up security at processions across the country.

In Sunni Muslim Pakistan, Shia Muslims are a minority, and fanatical Sunni Muslims regard them as apostates deserving of death.



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