The Indian army pays tribute to the 75th United Nations peacekeeping force on United Nations peacekeeping day on 29th May 2023.

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The Indian Army on 29th May’s morning celebrates and pays tribute to the United Nations Peacekeeping Force serving globally in order to promote peace and justice around the globe, especially in the regions that are suffering from the implications of war and human exploitation. Contribution of India towards the United Nations as well as its peacekeeping mission to save the world from the global disaster of international security threats that are prevailing in the contemporary scenario. The Indian Army pays homage and tribute to the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives not only to maintain peace and security in the country but also to promote some ideals around the world.

United Nations’ peacekeeping mission

In the year 1948, the first United Nations mission is launched under the United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation (UNTSO) in Palestine to maintain peace and security amidst the Israel-Palestine war crisis. From then on, the concept of the “Blue Helmet” army evolved, which works on a global level to maintain peace and order.

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The main purpose of allotting peacekeeping forces is to maintain peace and justice in war-torn areas. They are working in dangerous environments with a fear of life. Always upholding the motto of serving the nation as well as the world. Despite the country’s differences and boundaries, they always focus on the idea of serving humanity and society.

India and peacekeeping missions

India is one of the major partners in the United Nations’ peacekeeping missions. The country is contributing a lot through manpower as well as through resources. Currently, as per the data and resources, 5900 blue helmet peacekeepers from India are deployed in 12 different countries. And the same sources also mention that till now, 159 Indian soldiers have sacrificed their lives to maintain peace and order in the nation.

Being the third largest contributor to peacekeeping missions, these personnel are deployed in countries such as Abyei, the Central African Republic, Cyprus, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lebanon, the Middle East, and the western Sahara region. It is one of the largest players in United Nations missions as well as a multilateral player in peacekeeping.

India contributes a lot to United Nations missions through troops and police. The country provides the peacekeeping missions with the manpower and resources needed to sustain the development and sustainability of peace and justice. The United Peacekeeping Chief has also highlighted the important role played by India in maintaining peace and order in the country.

India and the initiatives

India has undertaken a number of initiatives in order to promote peace and justice around the globe. This initiative is not only through manpower but also through the help and role of new measures adopted to promote the same. These include the introduction of women’s battalions in the peacekeeping movement. India has the largest number of women peacekeepers. The introduction of women in peacekeeping missions has not only increased their effectiveness but also empowered them by providing them with representation in such important missions.

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India’s plan of “UNITE AWARE,” which is a platform launched with an initiative to help the peacekeeping forces in their operations, India has also highlighted the “dangerous environment” in which these peacekeepers work and tried to uphold the idea of working against disinformation as well as false information, which is turning out to be a security threat in contemporary times. India will not only train the peacekeepers to fight in these situations but will also empower them with knowledge and resources to fight against this rising threat of misinformation.

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