India’s votes to allow Zelensky to speak in UNSC, against Russia’s motion


  • Since the beginning, India had abstained from voting concerning the Russia-Ukraine crisis. For the very first time, India voted in favour of Ukraine’s President to speak in UNSC, a step that was hostile to Russian motion.
  • India is currently a non-permanent member of the UNSC whose two-year term ends in December.
India’s votes to allow Zelensky to speak in UNSC, against Russia’s motion to stop
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For the first time after the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war on Thursday, India voted “against Russia”, at the United Nations Security Council. The procedural voting was done asking whether President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky’s speech should be allowed virtually at UNSC or not on August 24. If permitted, the President would address the UNSC meeting virtually via VTC (Video TeleConferencing) during a debate in relation to the Russia- Ukraine war.

India which until now, had abstained from voting against Russia, ever since Moscow invaded Kyiv in February. Even the western powers led by the United States called for New Delhi to speak up against Russia on the entire issue. All efforts went in vain.

However, on August 24 for the first time, India voted against Russia’s motion.


Russia appealed for the votes and was itself against allowing Zelensky’s speech via VTC (Video TeleConferencing) in the Council. Instead demanded Mr President to come in person to New York or to send the Ukrainian Ambassador to speak on the debate that were discussions pertaining to six months of the conflict.

Out of total 15 members at UNSC, which comprised 5 permanent members and the rest 10 non-permanent members. The 5 permanent members possess ‘Veto power’ while the rest 10 non-permanent members are generally elected for a term of two years and then altered.

India is currently a non-permanent member and its term ends in December.

During voting, China abstained from voting, while India along with the remaining 12 members voted in favour to permit Mr. Zelensky’s participation at the debate. 

However, Indian Officials claimed the vote was not about Russia or Ukraine, but about whether to vote for or against Mr. Zelensky’s participation.

“My understanding is that we have not voted against anybody. It was a proposal to allow him to speak virtually, and we allowed it. It was the third occasion he spoke virtually [at the UN], and we supported that. So there is no question of us voting against Russia,” asserted MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi when asked by the media persons about the voting.

UN Security Council Meeting

On the eve of the 31st anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence, a UN Security Council meeting was called upon to analyse the conflict between Moscow-Kyiv. The ongoing conflict which has become 6 months old now.

As the meeting kick-started, the UN Russian Ambassador Vassily A Nebenzia appealed a procedural vote on the Ukrainian President’s video teleconference participation.

The voting ended with a 13:1 majority, and hence the Council summoned the President to join the meeting via video teleconference.  

In his speech at the meeting, Ukrainian President Zelensky insisted that the Russian Federation should be held responsible for its actions. “If Moscow is not stopped now,” he continued, “all these Russian murderers will definitely end up in other countries.”

Cautioning the participating countries at UNSC, the president asserted that it is on the territory of Ukraine that the fortune of the world will be decided. He said “Our independence is your security”.

Russia was called on by the Ukrainian President to stop its nuclear blackmail and utterly withdraw from the nuclear plant. He accused Russia of keeping the world on the brink of a ‘nuclear catastrophe’ by making the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant a ‘war zone’.

On wednesday, Ukraine celebrated its 31st independence day.

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