Insight Of The Israel-Palestine Conflict, And Why The World Is Silent


The recent conflict between Israel and Palestine started on May 10, 2021, showing no signs of abatement anytime soon. There is now an increasing call worldwide for a truce between the two confronting sides to bring peace to the disturbed region.

The current heavy fighting broke out on May 10, when two Palestinian militant groups, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, fired more than two hundred rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel’s territory, In retaliation. Israel has reportedly struck over 700 targets in the Gaza strip, according to its military. Also, till now, over the same period, over 3000 rockets have been fired at Israel by the Hamas militant groups.

As it looks pretty evident, the clouds of conflict are still raging on, and a ceasefire doesn’t look like happening anytime soon. The ensuing conflict has also resulted in hundreds of civilian casualties, including women and children, on the Palestinian side and hundreds more being forced to abandon their homes and look for shelter elsewhere. Several members of the Palestinian militant group, Hamas, and its hiding locations have also been targeted successfully by Israel.

In Israel, civilians have also been killed when a rocket fired from Hamas landed on its capital, Tel Aviv. Notably, other cities of Israel have also come under attack by rockets fired from the Palestinian side.

As per the latest reports from the military of Israel, it does not seem likely that the salvo of rockets being fired by Hamas will end anytime soon and both sides are prepared for a long haul with no signs of ceasefire from either end. After the Hamas Militants fired a barrage of rockets on its territory, Israel retaliated heavily and bombed several strategic strongholds of Hamas and its leaders.

The USA, an old and staunch ally, has shown its support for Israel to defend its territory against any foreign aggression rightfully. At the same time, it is trying to bring the situation to some stability by encouraging both sides to engage in a meaningful dialogue to solve the immediate burning issues. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Isreal, has said that Israel will continue to target terror targets in the Gaza Strip until it feels that its citizens are safe from any more attacks from the Hamas militant groups.



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