iPhone 13 rumours to launch in September: Get to know all about the new models


Apple’s New iPhone 13 series is rumoured to be launched sometime in September 2021. This series is going to be Apple’s most considerable per cent increase in iPhone 13 production. According to rumours, the show is to increase by 20 per cent than previous years iPhone 12 productions. 

Ever since the Launch, rumours are flying around; there have been many leaks about iPhone 13’s features, camera upgrades, designs, and more. 

Here is all that we know about Apple’s newest rumoured to be launched iPhone 13. 

Apple’s new series of iPhones will showcase some significant changes and upgrades that will be in real than last year’s launch of the iPhone 12 series. 

Emphasizing Processor, Camera improvements, display improvements, and many more updates are planning to come with the new iPhone 13. At least one of the models will have LTPO- Low-temperature polycrystalline oxide). Apple is also planning to launch portless wireless chargers for one of the iPhone series. iPhone 13 is also going to support a 5G network, as well as Wi-fi 6E support.  

Software Upgrades 

The upcoming iPhone 13 is expected to have wifi 6E support for the 6GHz band and increased range. Wifi 6E is reportedly considered to be a slightly smaller update which is increased bandwidth and minor disturbance from other devices than the original upgrade that was introduced in iPhone 11. 

As per a report, this technology is supposed to become a standard for iOS and Android in upcoming upgrades. 

Another Software upgrade for iPhone 13 series is the use of a 5nm+ A15 chip. There haven’t been any specific details about the new chip. iPhone 13 is will rumoured to have a 5G chip – Snapdragon X60 third-generation modem, which debuted in 2020. 


The iPhone 13 is rumoured to come out with four different series, the same as the iPhone 12 series. The expected sizes can be 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.7 inches. The models being iPhone mini, low-cost iPhone, iPhone Pro model, and Pro Max model, respectively. But, There have been rumours of at least one model of the iPhone13 having a relatively more minor handset design than the previous year’s launch. 

iPhone 13 also comes with dual-lens camera setups that will be diagonally placed on the handset. The models are also going to be slightly heavier than the iPhone 12. 

These models are also rumoured to have stronger magnets inside and a Matte finish on the outside, along with stainless steel coating for the fingerprint sensor that reduces smudges. 

A smaller notch size is expected in iPhone13 and all the upcoming series of 2021. The smaller notch is due to the newly integrated version of the light system of Face ID. 

Colour Updates 

Even though Apple has not officially revealed anything yet, an account on Twitter tweeted pictures of the iPhone 13 Pro Max showing different colour options that it will come in. The iPhone 13 colours are Matte Black, Pearl, Rose, and Gold Sunset. 

Camera Improvements. 

All the iPhone13 series lineup this year will see a significant improvement in Sensor shift stabilization which will be expanded. Other improvements introduced are low light performance, reduce camera shake, and an Ultra-wide camera lens with an upgraded aperture of f/1.8. The higher-end models are also expected to have ultra-wide cameras with autofocus. 

There also have been claims of models with astrophotography cameras abilities. This camera is specifically made to point towards the sky, and it will automatically focus on the moon and other celestial objects seen in the sky. 

iPhone 13 Price Range 

Apple iPhone13 is rumoured to be launched at starting price of Rs. 89,990. The prices will vary according to the series models and other specifications and colours. 

Whether these iPhone rumours come true or not is something to be anticipated for the upcoming launch. 

Killoli Furia
Killoli Furia
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