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Negative Impact of Stress on Overall Health:

Chronic stress may result in a variety of detrimental effects on one’s mental and physical well-being. It may cause blood pressure and heart rate to rise, which over time may raise the risk of heart disease such as stroke. In addition to weakening the immune system, stress can also increase a person’s susceptibility to diseases and infections. It is also frequently followed by digestive issues like constipation, diarrhoea, and stomach pains. Muscle pain and tension can often be the resultants, which can in turn result in ailments like tension headaches as well as back pain. Thus, in order to preserve general wellbeing, it is crucial to manage stress through good coping methods including physical activity, mindfulness, and social support.

Stress induced ageing:

According to a recent study by American scientists, stress might also accelerate ageing. According to the study, which was published in the journal Cell Metabolism, challenging  circumstances for the body, such as getting COVID, receiving surgery, or being pregnant, hasten ageing. Therefore, biological age is determined by factors other than simply the passage of time, and proactive measures may help slow down the body’s ageing process.

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Researchers from Harvard University Medical School and Duke University Medical School carried out this investigation. This is a factual and established truth, according to experts. However, this ageing can be reversed. In the study, researchers examined the changes that stress, among other factors, had on mice and people.

One three-month-old mouse and one 20-month-old mouse were surgically paired in the experiment. It was intended that the two would circulate together. The researchers discovered that the younger mice’s biological age increased quite quickly in this physically demanding condition. But as the experiment came to a close, the two mice were separated, and the younger mice’s biological age returned to what it had been.

The researchers anticipated the same outcomes in persons who were dealing with physically or emotionally trying circumstances. Similar patterns were seen in the situations mentioned above, when biological age returned to normal within days of the treatment or when the stressful event had ended. The long-held belief that biological age increases in a single direction throughout life, in accordance to a researcher at Duke University School of Medicine, is called into question by the discovery of age that is fluid, variable, and flexible. When it comes to stress-induced biological ageing, there has also been evidence against fluctuations that have occurred over a short period of time rather than a long one, according to earlier publications. The fact that it can be reversed, though, remains unproven. This needs additional study. Additionally, the types of immediate changes that we might notice are unknown to experts.

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Is Stress-induced ageing Reversible:

The results of this investigation and work were published in the journal Cell Metabolism. It claims that stress has a significant effect on our biological age. However, this ageing is only temporary and can be reversed once this stressful period has passed. Experts claim that biological ageing may happen over very brief periods of time in reaction to stress, but this ageing is temporary and tends to return to baseline after stress has passed. Additionally, they claim that our biological age does not change with the passage of time or as we get older. It may take days or even months . Everyone experiences stress quite differently, and this also contributes to accelerated ageing.

Humans can take a number of steps to to prevent such an outcome. It’s crucial to recognize stress while experiencing it. This will enable one to recognize the triggers and neutralize them. Exercise is an excellent strategy to delay the effects of ageing.

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Also crucial is proper hydration. It is also said that healthy skin care regimen can aid in the process of slowing the effects of ageing.

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