District collector, suspended for going against the tenents of service & Civility.


Recently Surajpur district collector Mr. Ranbir Sharma has been caught on camera using his power to abuse and thrash a man on the street of the locality, posting on Twitter Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, wrote that he is heavily sorry for the behavior of Surajpur collector. He promised that such incidents wouldn’t be tolerated in the state. He condemns the behavior of the Chhattisgarh collector as ‘unacceptable’ and also delivered an apologizing statement to the man who was wrongly thrashed and suspended Mr. Ranbir Sharma with immediate effect.

The shocking incident when this Amit Mittal, who was 23 years went to the medical store to buy covid-19 medicines for his family amid the lockdown, despite the man’s repeated explanation and attempt to show the piece of paper that his purpose of coming out of the house was quite reasonable Mr. Ranbir Sharma who was the district collector of Chhattisgarh did not listen to him he was caught violently slapping Amit Mittal out on the street allegedly also smashing his phone on the ground when Mr. Mittal tried to show the collector something on the device. Mr. Ranbir Sharma also was seen ordering his cops to lathi-charge the man.

Former J&K DGP Shesh Paul Vaid initiated the suspension, stating that the law does not authorize any public servant to assault physically and destroy the personal property of any citizen. The IAS Association also condemned Mr. Ranbir Sharma’s behavior, exclaiming that civil servants are expected to have empathy & provide a healing touch to society, especially in difficult times.

After the thrashing video went viral on social media, within a short span, it gained widespread criticism, the district collector Mr. Ranbir Sharma apologized for his misbehavior and conduct, he expressed sorry for slapping the man and smashing his phone who was out during lockdown, he says that he had no intention to disrespect or belittle Mr. Amit Mittal.




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