Italian rockers Maneskin enjoy blurring gender stereotypes.


From Winning Eurovision to charting #1 on Spotify global, the Italian rock band Maneskin with their androgynous outfits is set to blur gender stereotypes on their path of fame.

The Maneskin band is known for their in-the-face rock videos wearing androgynous outfits along with what their lead singer calls ‘Cathartic anger.’

Basking in their newly achieved fame, this Italian brand is enjoying blurring gender stereotypes.

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While relaxing from their busy daily routine, the members talked about themselves, their struggles, and gender stereotypes, and plans regarding their achieved fame in an interview from their hotel in Rome.

About the Maneskin

The Maneskin band from Rome, Italy, consists of four members, Lead Singer Damiano David, 22, the bassist, Victoria De Angelis, 21, guitarist Thomas Raggi and Drummer Ethan Torchio, both 20.

The band used to perform on the streets of Rome.

Known for the usage of ‘Angry Lyrics’, they recently got popular after their song, ‘Beggin’, went viral on the streaming platform Tik Tok due to which ranked #1 on Spotify Globals Chart.

Eurovision also won the band with their single, “ZITTI E BUONI”.

On Gender Stereotypes 

Talking about gender stereotypes, “We feel free to wear whatever makes us feel right.

We are also trying to send a message about blurring all gender stereotypes and stuff,” said the bassist Victoria De Angela. “It is fine to wear whatever makes you feel good with yourself,” added Angelis.

The band showcases their acceptance by using heavy eyeliners, androgynous costumes, and painted fingernails defying every gender stereotype.

They also make videos showcasing male, -female,

Talking about Struggles 

Italy is famous for wine, fashion, and history, but its rock music is not known.

Their journey to fame with their music as a rock band in Rome was not easy when they started.

“From the point of view of the bands, especially emerging ones, it is not easy.”

Shared Angelis, remembering the hard times they faced in finding places and events to perform in Rome.

Due to a lack of work, the band started playing on the streets of Rome.

Their lead singer, Damiano David, also added his point of view on the problem regarding bands.

Explaining, he said, “Many individual artists are growing, especially in the indie and hip hop music sector.”

Maneskin Achievements 

Singing on streets, blurring stereotypes, topping charts, or whatever they do in between, the band has made many accomplishments that defy many categories in the process.

Their single ‘Beggin’ – is #1 on Spotify Globals chat has 311, 302, 687 streams as writing the article.

Their other famous song,’ I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE, ‘ has over 200 million streams on Spotify.

Their Eurovision song, “ZITTI E BUONI” ( Translation: Shut up and Behave), was also a chart-topper a few months back.

Mayor Virginia Raggi gave out tiny Lupa Replicas in the band’s honour. The Lupa is the she-wolf foster mother, a symbol of Rome.

The band was shy talking, but their demeanour shows they were proud of the achievement of blurring genders.

On their ‘Angry Lyrics’ 

The band is known for often writing Angry lyrics for their songs.

Explaining the reason behind was their dissatisfaction and the difficultly they faced as a rock band in Itlay.

“We never agreed with this way seeing it, This gave us the cathartic anger to change this kind of situation,” explained David, the lead singer.



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