Jovenel Moïse was shot dead at his private residence.


Martine Moïse, widow of Jovenel Moise, stands firm. Tweeting “Will not give up on Moïses fight.”

Haiti’s President Jovenel Moïse was elected as the President back in 2017. He was assassinated by 26-28 English and Spanish speaking shooters, killed in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. When they stormed at his private residence, he was shot five times in the head and the body. Martine said that everything happened in an instant. The incident took place in Port-au-Prince, which is the capital of his homeland. The interim prime minister has confirmed the news.

Jovenel Moïse History: 

The country has been dealing with poverty, corruption, and a security crisis for a long-term period. Where gangs are fighting, trying to gain control of the poor neighbourhoods in Haiti. The country has also been exposed to natural disasters- the Earthquake in 2010 and Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

The February protests and the attack on Moïse: 

 In February, people took it to the streets of Port-Au-Prince, marching. They were demanding to put an end to the rule of the government. The current political crisis was fueled by a debate about whether Moïse had overrun his presidential term, ruling unconstitutionally.

Moïse wanted the approval of a new constitution, which was neither supported by the international community nor the oppositional parties. On the 26th of September, when the presidential and legislative elections were supposed to be held. He was going to ask for permission. In which Moïse could not participate.

Moïse had claimed that he had been attacked before in February by the Haitian police, who had the objective to assassinate him.

The first lady injured:

 The first lady was shot and wounded during the tragic event that unfolded. She tweeted an audio clip on Twitter, giving the message that she will stand firm. And not give up on ‘Moïses fight’. Currently, Martine Moïse is admitted to a hospital in Miami, where she is recovering.

Police reports and the statements: 

National Police Chief Lion Charles has already said the suspects, including the two, captured Haitian-Americans, worked for a US-based company connected to Colombia and a doctor.

There are at least 26-28 people who are now in custody. Out of which two suspects are Haitian-Americans. The name of Christian Emmanuel Sanon has been given. By several of them were under arrest and has been linked to the plotting of the events.

“It was a well-planned attack, and they were professionals”, Ambassador Bocchit Edmond told reporters. He said, referring to the suspects.

Christian Emmanuel Sanon linked to the case:

Christian Emmanuel Sanon is a 62-year-old man. He’s from South Florida. Who in his YouTube videos, he has spoken about he is the President that Haiti needs. And has been alleged in plotting the murder of the President.

Statements made by people following the assassination:

Pope Francis, Micheal J. Martelly, Leonel Fernandez, and many others have condemned the unfolding of the sad events.

  • Pope Francis condemned the heinous murder of the President and expressed his condolences to the Haitian people. Wishing them a future of fraternal harmony, solidarity and prosperity.
  • The ex-President of Haiti, Micheal J. Martelly, has called the assassination a tough blow to its democracy. He expressed his condolences on Twitter, remembering the first lady.
  • Another tweet came from Leonel Fernandez, the former President of the Dominican Republic he stated:

We strongly condemn the tragic fact that has cost Haiti President Jovenel’s life Moïse”. Fernandez said this event further deepens the economic, social and political crisis in the Republic of Haiti. “Deep condolences to their relatives and solidarity with the people Haiti”

Joseph, the acting Prime Minister, has called out for an international investigation. He has also urged the people to remain calm. And believes that the elections should take place.

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