Julian Assange loses his Ecuadorian Citizenship


Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, has been stripped of his Ecuadorian citizenship.

Assange, who is currently locked up in a British prison, has been informed by Ecuadorian authorities that his naturalisation process was full of multiple irregularities, differing signatures and the possibility of alteration in documents and unpaid fees amidst other issues.


As per reports, the 50-year-old Australian by birth was formally served the nullity of his naturalisation via a letter by the justice authorities of Ecuador as a response to the Ecuador foreign ministry’s claim.

Naturalisation is the process by which a person who is not a country’s citizen can acquire the citizenship of that place.

Naturalisation undergoes reconsideration on concealment of facts relevant to the case, fraud and false documents.

According to the Ecuadorian foreign ministry’s statement to AP, the court had “acted independently and followed due process in a case that took place during the previous government and that was raised by the same previous government.”

Assange had spent seven years in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

He arrived there in June 2012 to escape extradition to Sweden concerning the sexual assault and rape allegations against him.

Later, Sweden dropped the investigation against these charges in November 2019 because of all the elapsed time.


According to the statements made to The Associated Press, Carlos Poveda, Assange’s lawyer, said that the decision of the Ecuadorian authorities was made without due process, and Assange was not even allowed to appear in the case.

He added that on the date Assange was cited, he was “deprived of his liberty” and with a health crisis inside the “deprivation of liberty center where he was being held,”. Poveda also notified that Assange would be filing an appeal for amplification and clarification of the revoking of his Ecuadorian citizenship.

“More than the importance of nationality, it is a matter of respecting rights and following due process in withdrawing nationality.” reported Poveda.

Julian Assange was provided with Ecuadorian citizenship in January 2018 during a failed attempt by the government of former President Lenin Moreno to get the WikiLeaks founder to turn into a diplomat in a bid to get him out of its embassy in London.

On Monday, Ecuador’s Pichincha court matters backtracked on Moreno’s decision for his disputable administrative. 


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was taken into police custody back in April 2019 in the UK. It was for violation of his bail conditions when he had taken refuge in Ecuador’s London Embassy.

The British court simultaneously blocked his extradition process to the US in January 2021 temporarily on 18 charges, many through the Espionage Act of obtaining and sharing classified information.

His organisation, Wikileaks, is infamously known.

The British judge turned down Washington’s extradition request by stating that such a move would be “oppressive” for his mental health.

After being founded in 2006, WikiLeaks achieved worldwide recognition in 2010 as it published a series of highly confidential leaks provided by the US Army intelligence Chelsea Manning.

As for now, Assange remains imprisoned in Britain’s robust jail, HMP Belmarsh and has been denied bail to an appeal hearing because of the flight risk.



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