The Karnataka Assembly Elections of 2018 were no less than a turmoil in the State . With BJP having the highest single majority, the equation seemed very simple. But due to none of the parties having a clear majority of 113 seats, the political war continued until, after several trust vote failures, the Cabinet of BJP was formed in the state. With the 2023 Assembly Polls, just days away, the Leading parties in the state as well as the Public would be hoping for a diaphanous Election Result this year.

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Assembly Elections of 2018 and Seat Matrix of Karnataka

Referring to the statement by The Election Commission of India on Wednesday, the Assembly election is set to take place on May 10 and the results will be made public on May 13. There will be elections in each of the 224 assembly constituencies. Starting today, the model code of conduct for elections will be used (March 29).

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There are 58,272 voting places in the state, 24,063 of which are in cities. Among them, 1,320 are handled by women, 224 by adolescents, and 224 by people with disabilities. 29,141 voting places will broadcast the results online, 1,200 of which are crucial. The majority of the polling places are located in schools, which have permanent plumbing, power, restrooms, and ramps. This is a gift from the ECI to the educational institutions and the students.

The Election Commission declared on Wednesday that the poll notification would be released on April 13. April 20 is the last deadline for filing nominations, kicking off one of the most eagerly anticipated electoral contests before the 2024 Lok Sabha election. Nominations may be withdrawn up till April 24. The Election Commission declared on Wednesday that while the Karnataka poll notification would be released on April 13, April 20 is the last deadline for filing nominations, kicking off one of the most eagerly anticipated electoral contests before the 2024 Lok Sabha election.

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Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar has taken the onus of organising free and fair elections in the State to avoid any of kind of discrepancies that were spoken about in the elections 2018. The state recorded the highest number of voters in its history since 1952 last year, and this time the primary focus would be to increase the no of people voting by spreading more awareness and making the public contemplate the importance of Voting.

The Hung Assembly after the 2018 Karnataka Assembly Polls

During the last Assembly election in 2018, when the BJP won the most seats with 104, the state experienced a lot of political shifts. But to establish the government, the Congress and the Janata Dal (S), with 80 and 37 lawmakers, respectively, joined up with several Independents and other parties. The political turmoil just didn’t end here.

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The opposition denounced the government’s decision as favouring the BJP and criticised his 15-day window for the new government to demonstrate its majority in the assembly. The Supreme Court then restricted the timeframe to 3 days, and 10 minutes before the vote on the trust, Chief Minister Yeddyurappa announced his resignation. HD Kumarasamy was appointed chief minister by the INC-JD(S) alliance after the formation of the cabinet. Before unrest resumed, this coalition government lasted for 14 months. 

In just two days, 16 members of the government coalition resigned, while two independent MLAs moved to the BJP. Because of this, the governing coalition’s majority in the house was reduced to 101, and the opposition BJP’s majority to 107.
Finally, after 3 weeks of this change of Politics, HD Kumarasamy lost his vote of trust and the BJP Government once again named Yeddyurappa as the Chief Minister.

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The Assembly Polls of 2023 would be a platform for the Public to choose an indisputable Leader for themselves for the next 5 years. With cities like Bengaluru, Mangalore, etc. being the top tech and port cities of India, all the parties would be putting their best foot forward in the Election. With Aam Aadmi Party’s introduction in the state, in 2018, they would be looking forward to making a mark in the state to eye a better result in the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections.


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