King Charles III’s act of agitation towards a leaky pen has led to controversy. It was noticed while King Charles was signing the visitor’s book at Hillsborough Castle near Belfast.

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King Charles’s III tour to Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom

To lead the funeral event for Queen Elizabeth, King Charles visits Northern Island. He was welcomed by the public and greeted with kind gestures. It is surprising that King Charles has shown agitation in front of the media twice. It is reported that King Charles III showed his agitation during a signing event.


King Charles III and the leaky pen

In the event of signing the visitors’ book, King Charles III was handed a leaky pen. He was found to be annoyed by the leaky pen. Just in front of the cameras, he was spotted with agitation over a leaky pen.

“Oh lord, I hate this!” Charles said, standing up and handing the pen to his wife and Queen Camilla.

As Charles handed the leaky pen to Queen Camila, she said, “Oh look, it’s spreading everywhere.”

It was also noticed that King Charles said, “I can’t bear this bloody thing…every stinking time.”

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An instance of King Charles’s previous agitation and temper

It was said by the former assistant of King Charles III that Charles could be fun as well as short-tempered and demanding in nature. 

When signing the documents in London, Charles seemed agitated about a pen holder on the table that went away. He showed his temper to one of his aides by waving a gesture.

While completing the document, he misinterpreted the date without acknowledging his assistant.

Controversy about King Charles’s agitation

Since King Charles was spotted with agitation in front of cameras, the news spread virally, leading to controversies.

Royal commentators reported that they had never seen this kind of agitation or temperament with the late Queen Elizabeth. However, some claim that this act of agitation could be caused as a result of grief. Others say that it could be because of the pressure and stress of handling a new responsibility.

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