Kwality: A culinary delight in the heart of Delhi since the British Raj era.


In the age where many restaurants, new and old, are shutting down, only a few can stand the test of time. They continue to provide quality food and comfort to their customers. This article is about one such classic restaurant – Kwality!

Situated at the heart of New Delhi, Kwality is possibly one of the precursors of Fine Dining establishments in India. An old Classic fine Dining restaurant, Kwality first opened its door to its customers during the time of the British Raj in Indian -the 1940s.

Kwality in its 80-years, while quality has gone through some minor changes, it has remained almost identical to its original form. Interiors to the restaurant almost everything has remained exact, adding to the restaurant appeal even more. Kwality is at present run by Sunil Lamba.

Origin Days

PL Lamba, in partnership with his brother-in-law IK Ghei first established Kwality in the 1940s. The then fancy location of Connaught the restaurant brought in customers in huge numbers.

During the Second World War catered to Elite Indian Families and British and US GI customers. The restaurant has also opened in a few foreign countries – London, New York, and Japan. The Family-run restaurant’s success is attributed to staying true to the original vision.


A visit to Kwality is like entering the golden era of the 1940s. The restaurant is all about bringing back the nostalgia of the 1940s—the whole place vibes with its elegant fine dining roots.

Walking by the corridor towards the restaurant, you will first be greeted by grand restaurant-style windows followed by thick Velvet curtains. The interior features 1940s- styled floral wallpapers, enormous chandeliers, and wood furnishings.

One can also find a pianist playing soft melodies on a grand piano with occasional Jazz band performances at a particular spot.

The restaurant also comprises a substantial polo bar inspired by the styles of maharajas of the time. To put it in a nutshell, Kwality’s Ambiance is an open time capsule of the era. The elegance and comfort of the restaurant bring the 1940s time back to reality.

Kwality Food

One can enjoy an exquisite dining experience like full-scale breakfast and a traditional high tea menu like the colonial royal at Kwality.

The Fine dining here is sure to make you feel like royalty but with comfort—quality’s menu has traditional and innovative dishes—the food ranks in both looks and taste.

The food is served in the best crockery and cutlery. The restaurants also offer food and drinks of the 1940s era. A meal for two at Kwality can amount to Rs 1400-1500 approx.

Popular Restaurant Dishes At Kwality

Must – have Appetizers

● Dahi Ke Kebab,
● Kwality Chicken Kebab,
● Masala Chops
● Cheese Balls

Recommended Main course,

● Tandoori Pomfret
● Taar Gosht
● Murgh Makhani,
● Chicken Bharta.
● Chana Bhature

Remarkable European dishes

● Vegetable Au Gratin,
● Chicken Gaylord,
● Coq Au Vin.

From traditional dress codes, elegant fine dining experiences like colonial high tea and 1940s style decor, Kwality has a family-friendly culinary delight in the heart of Delhi since the British raj era indeed.

Killoli Furia
Killoli Furia
Killoli Furia is currently an Extern at Asiana times. She is from Mumbai she is a Content writer, Poet and Mass Media Student. As a student, she is currently pursuing her third year of Bachelor's in Mass Media from KJ Somaiya of Arts and Commerce, Mumbai. In her student life, she has done a few internships in Journalism as well as Content writing. She is Hardworking, Fun and quirky with a love for nature. Her strong niches are Lifestyle, Beauty, Entertainment, Music and Education. A Food lover, she reads fictional books, sings Songs and Fangirls over Music Bands and binges Various Series in her free time.



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