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Big Mouth k-drama by Lee Jong Suk has returned after serving in the military

Lee Jong Suk has a long history of starring in rage-fueled, angst-fueled dramas, some of which are far too loud, blaring, and over-the-top. Big Mouth k-drama, is a new show on Disney Plus Hotstar, promises to be far darker, viciously twisted, and intriguing than his previous shows, and possibly more mature as well.

To be honest, the first few minutes attempt to establish itself as a crime show- primarily due to footage of a stormy night and a speedy person doing seedy things- but the rest of the episode proved that it wasn’t going to be formulaic and sad. And, like Lee Jon Suk’s character, the unlucky lawyer Park Chan Ho, we may not know what to expect.

After seeing the hooded figure, we’re introduced to Park Chan Ho, who tells us a rather unnecessary story about his hometown of Gucheon, which is beautiful but riddled with rot. He’s a lawyer with a success rate of less than 10%, even though his father-in-law would have us believe that he has an exceptional mind.

He’s in trouble with loan sharks and has a habit of getting easily duped, much to the chagrin of his wife Mi-Ho (a superb Yoona). But fate has other plans for him, and the mayor himself asks him to take on a highly dubious case involving the most rotten elements of society.

“Big Mouth”: With a lawyer at its center. This K-drama addresses crime and corruption in an amusing manner
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When he is offered a huge fee, Chan Ho has big dreams; he believes he can be David and defeat Goliath, and he tries to be smoother than he intends to be. He’s the reason the show’s title is Big Mouth-everyone knows he talks a lot, but nothing ever comes of it. And, like any other person involved in a difficult case, he keeps his wife in the dark about it.

While we already know that he has dug his own grave and written his death notice, he is completely unaware of the gravity of the situation. An orchestrated car accident occurs in the episode, and Park Chan Ho realizes he will never be the same again. The rot is deep, and he may have taken on something larger than himself.

Oh, Choong Hwan, the director of brilliantly scripted shows such as Start Up and While You Were Sleeping, knows how to amp up the suspense and thrill, even if it is a little dramatic at times. Throughout the episode, the sense of foreboding grows uncomfortably, like an uncomfortable itch. Until it bursts out like a wild rash.

There are moments of familial wholesomeness that are almost bittersweet because you know they will not be repeated for a long time. Yoona holds her own in every scene, providing keen insight into a multi-layered character. She dislikes her glib husband but adores him.

And the few seconds of the couple reveling in happy moments are a joy to watch. Lee Jon Suk’s acting abilities rarely disappoint. He has mastered the art of seamlessly switching between comedy and thrill. He also expertly sketches Park Chan Ho, a loving family man who is overconfident and takes on devious criminals because he believes he can bring them down.

It’ll be a long and difficult journey, but we’re up for it. There isn’t a single character in the series who stands out from the rest. In the role of the lawyer, Lee Jong Suk does the character justice. The episode concludes with a hint as to who Bog Mouse could be.  “Big Mouth”  does a good job of entertaining its viewers, but don’t expect much more.

Big Mouth airs on Disney plus Hotstar.


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