Lifestyle problems meet an end with traditional strategies


Today’s busy and messy lifestyle led us all to a common mistake, and that is “Inappropriate food intake”.

We surround ourselves with so many works, researches, etc., and at the end of the day, we get just tiredness.

We feel so exhausted that when a new day begins, we choose late working schedules. In the meantime, those “Inappropriate food intake” also start their work, and as a result, we face common health problems such as acidity, soreness, flatulence, etcetera.

But we can change this result just by following a proper daily routine with some traditional methods. 

Ayurvedic Treatment:

“Ayurvedic Treatment” is the oldest medicinal treatment. Centuries before, when medicine was not there to cure ailments, Indians started to use this method.

Practically it is claimed to be pseudoscientific and as an alternative to medication. 

And “Ayurveda”, this word means “Knowledge of Life and Longevity.” 

According to “Ayurveda”, “Agni”, or “The fire” is the source of our lives. “Agni” is what controls our food chain, builds up the body and helps to maintain a balance between mind and body.

And all we consume in a day, from breakfast to dinner, we only serve to that “Agni” which resides in us.

So, when we start having abnormal or inappropriate food intakes, this “Agni” in us becomes furious, making the rest of our bodies imbalanced. 

Old Indian culture discussed harmful foods which damage “Agni” in us. 

In this list, they mentioned fried, processed, cold, frozen and non-vegetarian food. 

Also, they said about some fundamental methods to intake the right food, which can beat some common daily problems like acidity, soreness, flatulence. Here are some of them ~ 

  • Try avoiding fried foods, beans, cabbage, coffee, eggs to stop flatulence
  • Stop using artificial sweetness, and it helps to increase blood pressure
  • Milk is necessary, but too much consumption of milk can cause harm
  • Try to consume ginger or cumin tea once or twice a day
  • Helo your stomach with a glass of warm water with half spoon of ghee and a pinch of asafoetida every night before going to bed
  • Try taking Ayurvedic Mukhwas. Mukhwas immunes the body and helps to rebuild strength. Mukhwas is also considered as the key to digest foods adequately.
  • Ghee is one of the best choices to stimulate “Agni”. Consumption of two tablespoons of Ghee daily can help.
  • Coconut water helps to push away acidity. Take coconut water with homemade buttermilk daily will keep the intestine free from acidity or any infection. 
  • Pop some fennel seeds, holy basil or a spice like clove in your mouth and chew slowly 
  • Add spices like turmeric, cumin, fennel seeds, coriander and Hing to your daily diet. 

Proper Schedule:

From school students to college students to workers, everybody is determined to do their jobs to get done.

Maximum people often forget to take the proper amount of food at the right time, creating improper digestion and leading to various diseases. 

Before taking healthy foods, one should understand the timing, and as your works should be done by a certain your boss gave, your body system needs food in proper time.

Because as we work for a living, living needs food first. Our body works 24/7 and also faster than us.

So, we have to make a proper schedule for our body so that from the next time not only the right amount food we take but also, we take at the right time.

Never eat less, eat on a schedule, and it doesn’t matter what age you are in; you can always follow a healthy diet chart but with the right amount of food.

Simantini Thakur
Simantini Thakur
Simantini, a student of BSc. Forensics is passionate about reading and writing, born and raised in India. She has been writing since age 14. Working as a co-writer at "TWOHT" [The world of Hidden Thoughts]. And now she is really focused to work with Asiana Times.



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