An exclusive lipstick shade will be launched by Loreal Paris US to support the anti-harassment program. The profits from the new exclusive lipstick shade will be used for anti-harassment campaigns.

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Loreal Paris is a well-known cosmetic company that has earned a popular brand image among the public. The brand has a never-ending fan base for its lipstick shades.


The unique shade creates a profound desire for lipstick. Being a reputed company, it has contributed to many social issues.

As the main aim of Loreal Paris focuses on anti-harassment, the company has decided to launch an exclusive lipstick shade for a short period. The company also reported that the profits earned from this new launch will be contributed to the cause of anti-harassment.

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Red my lips a new shade, “Le Rouge Liberté,” to contribute to anti-harassment

Loreal Paris US, is yet to launch a new shade in the series of Red My Lips called “Le Rouge Liberté.” This initiative will focus on the 5D methodology.

The 5D methodology will represent Distract,Delegate,Document, Delay, and Direct.

Distract is an act to create a holistic environment for the victims to speak up about their feelings. Plus,it creates a safe place to share their thoughts.

The delegates will identify personnel who can support and take an initiative to support the anti-harassment campaign.

Taking action is always the best way to support any cause. Similarly, Document will create movies, articles to hand out to the victims who are harassed. This document will include the date and time.

Delay is an act of acknowledging the victims and informing them that what happened to them was not their fault.Also, providing assurance to the victims by checking on them.

The last “D” represents direct, which means contacting the harasser. But this direct step will only be taken as the last step as they assure the safety of the person.

All of the trainees who used this 5D methodology reported that it helped them to investigate and address the victim’s problems.

Harassment is a crucial act experienced by many individuals. Some shut themselves off after the incident. Creating a safe space to speak out about the problems faced by the victims is a great initiative by Loreal Paris.

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