Minor girl falls for an online trap,75 tola gold missing


Online scam,75 tola gold missing.

The online meet

A man and his mother got arrested for online fraud in Kerala. A year ago, Shibin posted on social media about his financial situation. A girl around 15 responded to this, and soon they got to talking.

As they spoke more often, the two became close, and the girl wanted to help him. She stole gold from her house and gave it to him. After receiving the gold, the man and his mother ran away. They bought a house with money in exchange for gold and resided in hiding.

When the girl’s mother found the gold missing from its usual spot, she complained about it. She reported that 75 tola gold was missing. The police soon started the investigation.

As it continued, they found how the daughter was involved and soon enough found the man and his mother, Shalija, in Kerala. Shibin and his mother used the gold to renovate their house and kept the remaining 10 lakh rupees as cash.

While the woman complained that 75 tola gold was missing, Shibin claimed he received only 27 tola gold. The minor girl claims that she gave another 40 tola gold to another man she met through social media with further investigation.

The case gets confusing with all the different narratives, and the investigation continues. The examination will continue, and the officials will further interrogate to find the missing amount of gold.

The use of social media has increased on an immense scale. Everybody almost out there is on social media in one way or the other. But with excessive use of it comes disadvantages of it. Over the past years, social media scams, bullying, fraud have become everyday things.

Social media safety

 It is essential to know how much information should be shared online and up to what extent.

Personal information 

A user should know better than sharing their details online. Personal information like address of places where you live or work, or your financial information. While sharing something, one should self-analyze whether the data they are giving is necessary or not. Suppose it’s safe to leak out that information with strangers online or no6t.

Emotional scams

Many a time, people change their identities and add a background story that gives them enough attention. One should fact check everything before indulging their trust in people online. Many a time, they are just there to seek out their benefits by using you.

Online trolling/bullying

If you ever are subjected to online trolling, don’t stay silent about it. Speak about it, confront the bullies, take action, file complaints.

This way, it will encourage many others who have gone through the same to speak for themselves. We have to make the internet a safer place for us as well as others.

Anupriya Yadav
Anupriya Yadav
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