Misconduct and systematic abuse within women’s professional soccer


Women’s professional soccer in the United States is now a subject of an investigation when an independent body has found systematic abuse within the team. The report is based on more than 200 interviews that state that the US Soccer Federation (USSFC) failed to provide a safe environment for its players. The report was reportedly led by former acting attorney general Sally Q Yates. 

The report reads, “Our investigation has revealed a league (NWSL) in which abuse and misconduct — verbal and emotional abuse and sexual misconduct — had become systemic, spanning multiple teams, coaches, and victims.” The report further says that the abuse in the NWSL is deeply rooted in the culture that supports verbal abuse and blurring the boundaries between players and coaches. 

A report by Athletic detailing allegations of misconduct and sexual coercion against Paul Riley came where the coach who has already done his part in three franchised NWSL which spanned 8 seasons. He got fired from the North Carolina Courage after the Athletic brought players stating his abuse for years. He is also said to have forced a player to have a sexual relationship with him.

Riley has denied every single allegation against him. All 200 interviews say the same story of power being the utter reason for abuse against them. The league has said that it will be reviewing the findings. They have released the statement saying, “We recognize the anxiety and mental strain that these pending investigations have caused and the trauma that many — including players and staff — are having to relive.”


Sunidhi Rai
Sunidhi Rai
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