Money Heist Season 5 Volume I review: A nail-biting experience and a friend’s farewell.


The new Season brings forward past stories with unexpected events that leave viewers awestruck.

The most awaited new Season of Money Heist came out around noon on November 3 in India. The audience, full of eagerness to binge-watch their favourite crime drama, sat ready to host the first Volume of Season 5.

With its five episodes full of surprises and nostalgia, the audience welcomed the final chapter critically.  

With the blend of ammunition and emotions, the episodes show fantastic well-built villains loaded with action. The plot twist through Alicia Sierra, the abandoned policewoman that started in Season 4, brings new developments.   

The Season’s starting episodes are a light pill for viewers, not to forget the gang leader. Professor chained by Alicia results in the gang all left on their own.   

But the plot witnesses a twist of events in Episode 4 where the Professor resumes his chargeback and is all set to guide his gang against Tamayo’s game plan.   

The Season introduces new characters, some from the past, including Renè and some like Rafael, who might come out playing a crucial role in the Second Volume.

Like previous seasons, Berlin made few appearances in this Season, too, although all from before the first Spain heist began.   

Outline of the show   

La Casa De Papel (The Paper House), a crime-thrilling drama aired first in 2017, is one of the most famous and recognized Spanish series internationally. Directed by Alex Pina

Since sweeping the best drama award at the 46th International Emmy Awards, the show has gained more popularity and fame each year.  

The show that starts with the successful robbery at the Royal Mint unfolds stories and events that brings the gang to their final heist at the Bank of Spain. The Professor, who usually is ahead of the police and prepared for each possible setback, encounters love, loss and vengeance he never planned.  

The show throws light on virtues like trust, equality, bravery and sacrifice. Every Season came out with mixed threads. Although the first heist comes out victorious, the gang loses Berlin, Oslo and Moscow.  

Eight fearless and blunt people start the journey of the biggest heist in history, headed by a mastermind known as Professor (character name Sergio). New team members are disclosed and added with time, uncovering new angles and plots.  

Despite their differences initially, all team members share one thing in common, i.e., they have nothing to lose, but things change when the heist begins.   

Audience response  

Viewers who waited for a year-long to watch this Season were left both stunned and sorrowful. Famous for its twists and unplanned greenlights, this Season too brought explosive on-screen scenes and intense dialogues. Twitter and other social media platforms flooded with reactions both exciting and sad. Season 5 Volume 1 was on trend for two days. 

IMDb Rating  

The starting episodes bagged IMDb ratings around seven stars, while the last two episodes got above eight ratings. Undoubtedly IMDb rated the previous episode the highest with 8.6 stars, wherein around three thousand people rated.  


Season 5s Volume I ends with Tokyo’s robust dialogue, ‘Something ends today’, leaving the audience with teary eyes. The last episode revolves around Tokyo’s memories with Renè, her first love, her journey to joining Professor’s gang and meeting Rio. 

The end of Tokyo’s journey not only leaves Professor and team sorrowful but also the viewers worldwide.  

Tokyo is the most excited character of the show, who narrates the story in all previous seasons and gets stuck in a gunshot. Not showing her back, she ends up exploding all villains along with herself.  

The ending was no doubt an unimagined twist for the viewers. Volume I leave the audience clueless with an unsettled end. The Season has made people realize that anything can happen in its closing Volume, coming on December 3. 




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