MV Asphalt Sails Off After Release from Suspected Hijacker


Panama-flagged MV ASPHALT reported being no more under hijacking.

The MV ASPHALT Princess reported under hijack by a suspected man leaves the tanker ship off UAE.

The UK Maritime Security agency said that the Panama-flagged ship is now safe and presumes its journey. And with this, the security officials shared no more details.

On Tuesday, armed men boarded the Asphalt ship headed to the Strait of Hormuz and threatened the onboard people to sail it to Iran.

The officials made no official comment since the vessel’s owner could not be contacted.

But they kept in mind that the armed hijacker asked it to sail to Iran and the current agitations between Iran and the West.

The hijack was made after the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations warned the ships of the incident before declaring a “potential hijack”.

UKMTO, without adding any further details, only tweeted, “Vessel is safe.Incident complete.”

The Dubai-based company owning the hijacked MV Asphalt Princess, Princess was once two years before seized by Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

 Less than a week before, a drone off from Oman attacked the Israel company-owned tanker killing two people.

One of whom was British, and the other reported to be Romanian.

The UK, US and Israel blamed Iran for this particular attack, and like the hijacking of MV Asphalt, Iran denied any involvement in this.

The Asphalt incident is another incident in this series of explosions and hijacking in the region.

Earlier in the day, four ships reported “not being under command,” which means that vessels lost power and cannot steer themselves.

One was later reported to be able to move.

BBC Security Correspondent Frank Gardner citing reports, stated nine armed men were boarding the ship near the entrance to the Strait of Hormuz, the strait through which fifth of the world’s maritime oil supplies passes.

UKMTO had already advised ships passing near Fujairah in the Gulf of Oman to exercise extreme caution. UK Foreign Office is also looking into the matter of a vessel incident off the UAE coast.

The White House also issued a statement saying that the incident was “deeply disturbing”. The current tensions between Iran and the West result from Tehran’s nuclear deal with world power, and the commercial ships feels like being caught in crosshairs.



Punita Sinha
Punita Sinha
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