Netflix’s Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown responded to personal style and a journey of self-discovery on her latest collaboration. 


Brown’s style is a sassy-go-getter-girly girl, and the two-Emmy Nominated actor (for stranger things), beauty entrepreneur, and youngest-ever goodwill is evolving her roles to inspire 46.3 million followers.

The Stranger Things star, the fashion icon for Gen Z, has teamed up with Danish Jewellery to lead the latest Pandora Meline as the new jewellery ambassador. Playful and personalized collections are all about telling personal stories through Jewellery. 

The stranger things and Enola Holmes star has opened up on her style, Jewellery and upcoming projects. 

Self-discovery Journey:

“Style is so personal and ever-changing.” Brown has stated in her latest collab that styling is all about feeling comfortable and beautiful in their skin—truer words were never spoken.

Furthermore, she stated that her style constantly evolves, and she discovers herself with every change from clothes to Jewellery. Brown’s journey on self-discovering in this newest collaboration is genuinely empowering.

Young women can aspire from the Stranger Things star’s take on career advice- loving your job is the foremost trait that many of us aren’t familiar with, and it is vital to have family members to encourage our goal and support us.

The beautiful star has gracefully stated the expression of acting and her ever-loving creativity to thrive. In addition, She loves to express herself through different avenues such as acting, fashion, beauty and still growing, learning, and discovering herself. 

Personal good luck charm:

Brown’s good luck charm has always been her family- “they’re rock, her most significant support, biggest champions.”

Life’s most considerable support would be family, and the star has gracefully mentioned that families are the true pillars of our life’s success. 

Productive, creative quarantine:

“I love music. Over the past year or so in lockdown, my brother and I have been in the studio messing around and writing songs, which has been fun.”

Brown spent her quarantine days indulging in writing song lyrics with her brother while the rest of us binge-watched Netflix; maybe, we ought to learn from Brown.

The Stranger Things star is the face of Pandora Me:

Brown’s latest collab with Pandora me Again, it is inevitable to deny the relatable opinion on preserving the gift, which allows us to remember special ones.

We’re excited about the new journey of our favourite actress to collaborate with her favourite brand. In addition, Brown has remarkably pointed out that we all have a special person who gifts us an accessory to remind us of our favourite memory. Ultimately, we can all relate to her on this one as she beautifully stated, “I love to accessorize with Jewellery. I also love pieces that hold meaning or remind you of a special person or time in your life.”

The upcoming projects:

Brown is excited about her upcoming projects of Stranger Things Season 4 and Enola Holmes. We cannot wait for the new season on Netflix, Stranger Things, and the new adventure roll-on Enola Holmes.

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