Nika shakarami, a 17 year old Iranian teenage girl dies right after protesting.

On 20th September 2022, Nika Shakarami took a stand against Iranian government. As per a video posted online, she is seen burning her headscarf in the attempt to show protest in Tehran with some other people chanting slogans against Islamic republic beside her. They chanted slogans like “death to the dictator”.

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Later, she was found to be dead. According to the reports, she disappeared right after the protest and told one of her friends that she was being chased by the police. Her family was informed of her death after 10 days to it.

Suspiciously her Instagram and telegram accounts were been deleted after she went missing.

Sharakami’s family identified the body and were told that she had died from falling from a great height of building. After the identification of the body, her family took her to Khorramabad to give her a proper funeral on 2nd of October , which would have the 17th birthday of teenage girl Nika shakarami.

The family claims that the security forces told them not to hold a public funeral ceremony but to bury her down in silence.

Mrs.Nasin Shakarami, mother of the teenage protestor has accused security forces of killing her daughter. In an interview with BBC Persian, she said that she is also against compulsory hijab rule like her daughter. She strongly denied that , the girl in the video which was broadcasted by Iranian state TV broadcast was not her daughter. 

Hundreds of protestors gathered in the cemetery of Khorramabadpur just to find out the body has been stolen. Protestors are claiming that the authorities are trying to cover it up.

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After the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman, on September 16 after morality police detained her in Tehran for allegedly breaking strict hijab rules, the protest has been stirred up even more. 

After the horrifying incident, many protests are going on in Iran. A young woman in Tehran who participated in most protests said that the protestors are in rage because of this inhuman behavior, they are getting violently chased, beaten and taken into custody. 

Many other people, also children had been arrested and detained. “Iranian society of protecting the rights of child” has reported death of more than 27 children during protests.

Another 16 year old, Sarina Esmailzadeh was alleged to be dead after being beaten to death at a protest after the death of Nika Shakarami. She was a youtuber and she said “Nothing feels better than freedom” in one of her videos.

Iran has seen multiple protests over the past years, but the the protest against “compulsory veil” is something else. Women are publicly burning headscarves and cutting their hair to protest against compulsory veil. they seem to be prepared to sacrifice their educational and professional careers for the privilege of wearing it as a supposed symbol of Muslim identity. 

While Tehran has accused the US and some European countries of using the chaos to try to destabilise Iran.

Hollywood Actress Angelina Jolie expressed her support to Iranian women out there protesting. Renowned Turkish singer Melek Mosso also supported Iranian protestors by cutting her hair on stage in one of her concerts.

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