Old-School Love-Struggling to Find Its Way in the Modern World.


The old-school romantics at heart love everything vintage, including love.

The idea of love in an old-school way means sticking to the old norms of giving long letters or little love notes.

Texts and video calls do not entice this love, but the smell of beautiful fresh-plucked roses does. The old-school love feels detached from the modern-age love.

Everybody is slowly caving into this modern culture of swiping through an app to find love. Old-school lovers are not against the modern-love, but they find it so hard to relate to it.

Fancy dates, movie nights and tagging each other in posts could never take the place of sitting in a garden, holding hands.

The Feeling of An Old-School Love

Cute gestures like buying your partner their favourite food when they have a terrible day or taking them to their favourite spot in the city are old-school ways of showing love.

Talking through fights or tough times or misunderstandings instead of breaking up and moving on to a new person is what gives love its real strength.

This swipe culture would never experience that feeling of longing when your beloved person is not around.

This meet-hookup-leave-repeat culture has turned the whole idea of unconditional love with genuine emotions and the comfort of knowing that your partner is always going to stick around.

The Alien Feeling of Being Loved the Modern Way

Window shopping for dates and then ‘walking the shame’ the following day is something an old-school lover can consider a love language.

The idea of meeting someone online, conversing with them, figuring them out and then taking it from there seems excellent.

The freedom, confidence and self-awareness of this gen-Z are impressive. But then again, with every profile swiped and each account DM-ed, do they end up discovering themselves for real.

Do they ever really relate, on a fundamental level, to the human being they have a romantic inclination towards-an old-school lover is never able to figure out.

In this world, where heartbreak is easy and love is hard, romance sits in the corner with dating up for a subjective interpretation.

The career-driven and emotionally questionable modern generation are not open to invest much in relationships—minimum Input. Maximum Output. But everyone wants a #BAE.

The Idea of Love is Not Love

Today everybody wants a tingling sensation, the butterflies in the stomach, but nobody wants to put in the desired effort the relationship entails.

It’s similar to someone wanting to post a meal picture but not bothering to learn how to cook it. Unknown to themselves, people are trying to fit the wrong pieces together.

The world is full of people torn between wanting love and not wanting it at the same time. It is easier to avoid falling in love by leaving before the regret settles.

While the idea of love is shifting to swiping left or right on a mobile app, the vulnerability had lost itself a long time ago.

Everybody is busy protecting everything they have instead of leaving themselves vulnerable. People are not in tune with their real emotions.

The warped idea of love now means that everything is temporary, and nothing is permanent, not even feelings.

People are scared to make any real memories. They are busy hooking up and never seeing each other again.

While everybody is busy swiping, DMing and posting updates online, the old-school love is still finding its way in this modern world.

The old-school love still looks for picnics in the park and flowers without any occasion and conversations about everything and nothing that go on for hours.

The old-school love has its language of spending a lazy afternoon doing nothing, not talking-not needing to, kissing without leading it to somewhere and hand-written letters.

Ankita Gautam
Ankita Gautam
Ankita Gautam aka AnkiTam, is an Educator, who learns by reading and expresses by writing. She has been an avid reader, writer, speaker, learner, and observer ever since. A science background could never stop her from grasping the nitty-gritties of fashion, technology, and trending news. She finds her solace in magazines and newspapers. Being an ambivert, she is blessed to be flexible in knowing when to talk and when to listen. She is an opinionated personality with an optimal level of compassion and empathy. She can be easily found entertaining people with her wordplays and also with her wry sense of humor. She is a pantomath, who wants to know everything.



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