OnePlus has revealed the full design of TWS Nord buds and some of their details and specifications and the company is also going to launch the same product in China under the name of “OnePlus Buds N” on the 21st of April.


  • OnePlus is going to launch new TWS earbuds on 28 April in India.
  • The event will begin on the OnePlus social media channel and YouTube at 7:00 p.m. IST
  • The new earbuds would most likely drop under the 3000-price range

OnePlus is all set to host an event in India on the 28th of April. Where the company will launch some of its interesting devices that will surprise you.

Such as the OnePlus 10 R of flagship affordable smartphone, OnePlus Nord CE 2 lite 5G. And along with the launch of a new smartphone. the company has also confirmed the launch of the new TWS in the Indian market on the 28th of April at their event. Now, most people would not understand what is TWS?

So, I would like to tell you that TWS stands for “TRUE WIRELESS STEREO” it is the technology that allows you to pair to audio devices using Bluetooth.

OnePlus is all set to launch the new OnePlus Nord buds.

(Image Source: The Indian Express)

The company has also revealed the details and features of upcoming earbuds. So, let’s have a look at the details and try to understand them in a better way.

These buds will call Nord buds and they will be the first-ever earbud under Nord branding.  these TWS (true wireless earbuds) will come with a flat-out and semi in-air style. The tips of the earbuds have a silicone covering. And there is a glossy circular area at the top where the stem meets the tips. 

And it’s not clear yet which sensor they will use clickable or touchable.

You will see the brand name “etched” at the top of the charging case. But you will get USB Type-C charging with these OnePlus Nord earbuds. It will get feature an LED light on the front of the charging case which will help to see the charging status of your earbuds.

And OnePlus has cleared one more thing that the Nord earbuds will come with sweet resistance.

And the same TWS earbuds will launch in China under the name of “OnePlus buds N” On 21st 2022. And the earbuds N is available for pre-reservation in China.

And OnePlus has revealed that the OnePlus buds N will come with 12.4mm drives which would support game mode with a latency of 94 ms. Which would be one of the best and most extractive reasons for gamers to buy it.

But the full features and specifications of OnePlus buds Nord will be announced at the event.
If I talk about the battery which is one of the important parts of any election device. So, Rumours hint that the OnePlus Nord Buds might come with a battery of 480mAH which is a good thing for earbuds. And there is no doubt that it will support fast charging system.

Colour and availability

The Nord earbuds will be available in two classic color options.  One will be black and the another will be white. And these earbuds go by the name of twilight black and moonlight white.

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