Pakistan accuses India in Afghan Envoy Daughter’s Abduction Conflict.


In an absurd turn of events, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rasheed Ahmed, clearing the air around the kidnapping of the Afghan envoy’s daughter, alleged that it is Afghanistan and India who have been “distorting” facts revolving around the case, as per ANI’s citing of a Dawn report. In a press conference in Rawalpindi, Ahmed accused Pakistan’s two neighbors to destabilize the nation. He further claimed that during the investigation for the incident, no evidence was found that hinted at the instance of the kidnapping of Afghan envoy Najibullah Alikhil’s daughter.


Disclosing the progress of the investigation on Sunday’s conference, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed announced that it was not an abduction case as no proof has been found for the other man’s presence in the taxi, as per a Geo News report cited by ANI. He instead accused Afghanistan and India of “twisting the facts” to undermine Pakistan’s integrity. Pakistan’s Interior Minister further went on to call Silsila Alikhail’s kidnapping an “international conspiracy” played out by international players to endanger Pakistan by creating a misunderstanding between the country and its close ally, China. At the same time, it’s been days since the kidnapping of the envoy’s daughter, whose perpetrators are still running loose in Islamabad.

The Interior Minister also brought up previous events like Johar Town and the Dasu bus explosion. By linking them together, he alleged it to be a part of “hybrid warfare” raged against his country, Pakistan. Ahmad called these efforts to present Pakistan’s state security disparaging light to the rest of the world.


Silsila Alikhil, daughter of an Afghan envoy in Pakistan, Najibullah Alikhil, was on her way home in Pakistan’s capital city of Islamabad when she was held captive for multiple hours by a taxi driver and his accomplice on Friday. According to the statement given by the victim, she was returning home in a taxi in the afternoon from a bakery in the capital Islamabad. When in a shocking turn of events, the driver picked up another man when then, in turn, verbally abused and assaulted her. After which, she was abandoned in an unconscious state by the roadside.

Afghanistan foreign ministry said that Silsila Alikhil was “severely tortured” and asserted that the malefactors should be captured earliest. 26-year-old Alikhil was severely beaten up in the assault on July 16 and rushed to the hospital to treat her injuries. Her father and ambassador, Najib Alikhil, denounced the incident as an “inhuman attack” and informed her that his daughter is recovering and “feels better now.” This has further caused a significant strain in the diplomatic relations of the two countries Pakistan and Afghanistan, as the latter pulled off its diplomats from Islamabad following the incident.

This comes to light while the Taliban has brought about a state of insurgency across Afghanistan. Their militants have taken over the border posts from Afghan forces. The Taliban has been advancing in the country as the US is gradually withdrawing its troops from the war-torn country ahead of the September 11 deadline set by US President Joe Biden.

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