President Biden called for the resignation of Gov. Andrew Cuomo after the allegation of multiple sexual harassments


On Tuesday, President Biden called for the resignation of Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York after the States’ attorney general found allegation that Cuomo had sexually harassed several women.

Earlier on Tuesday, Letitia James, the attorney general, released the findings of her office’s sexual harassment inquiry into Cuomo and described the report in stark terms and declaring, “we should believe women.”

Several women fall prey to work-life harassment:

According to the outside investigators, she revealed that Cuomo had harassed at least 11 women and further proceeded to say that the state had “an obligation to protect women in their workplace.”

She said after a nearly hourlong news conference, “I believe women, I believe these 11 women.”

Hence, she concluded the essential takeaway of the report that supported their accusation claims and provided them in detail.

Fear and intimidation led to toxic work culture:

According to the 165-reports, Cuomo sexually harassed several women, including the current and former government workers breaking the state and federal laws and engaging in a pattern of unsolicited touching and inappropriate comments.

Further, it stated that he and his aides had cultivated a toxic work culture in his office filled with fear and intimidation, which helped the work-life “harassment to occur and created a hostile work environment.”

Denying his allegations:

Shortly after the release of the attorney general’s report on sexual misconduct allegation against him, Cuomo defended his behaviour toward women and reiterated his action that he has “never touched anyone inappropriately or made any advances inappropriately.”

He further stated that the report was highly biased and politically motivated, further conveying that the facts are somewhat different from what has been portrayed.

The Albany County prosecutor said Cuomo is now under criminal investigation.

The fall of nation leader: Thus, a steep fall for a governor who hailed as a national leader during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a few weeks, several allegations took a black turn into the most severe political crisis Cuomo has confronted in his ten years in office. 



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