President Biden stands by the withdrawal of the US army in Afghanistan


Shortly after Biden decided to call back the US army posted in Afghanistan, the country turned ashes. Taliban has captured the entire country. All the major cities, including Kabul, are under the rule of Taliban forces.

Their previous president Mr Ashraf Ghani has fled the country in a hurry, leaving his people in chaos. These people are urging international troops to help save their lives, but no solid assurance has been found yet.

But the major tragedy is in deciding who is responsible for this situation? Did it happen because of the president who left his country without offering a chance to peace talks with the Taliban, or is it the US forces who decided to leave the war midway, even when they knew this could happen?

Mr President tried to offer a solid defence for his decision to call the troops back this Monday. He doesn’t regret making this decision as ending the twenty-year-long war was needed to better his country. But he also mentioned that the only regret would be the failure to train the Afghan army to fight for their nation. He insisted many times that it is the job of the Afghanistan army to defend the nation and that he was hoping for this to happen even after the withdrawal of the US army.

Why had the USA stationed its troops there?

The primary objective of stationing the US troops in Afghanistan was to destroy the elements of Al Qaeda and their successor ISIS in the religion. And to support the established government to prevent any such extremist institutions from fighting for power again. The troops were sent after the horrific terror attack of 9/11, which happened on the twin towers of Newyork. The mission was to demolish such elements and demolish all kinds of such threats emerging in the world and the USA.

The reason why the US army stayed there for many years was mainly that they were unable to achieve these mission goals ultimately. Although, they did try their best to regain power over main regions previously captured by the invaders and give training to the local army to deal with such combat missions independently. However, according to President Biden, it was turning out to be ‘a forever war’. The cost was a bit too much to achieve the goal as there is never a surety of complete peace establishment in Afghanistan.

Why did the army leave?

After over a year of the agreement, US and Taliban representatives signed an agreement, agreeing to two guarantees, the withdrawal of the US and all international forces from Afghanistan by May 2021 and unspecified Taliban actions to prevent other groups (including Al Qaeda) from using the Afghan soil to threaten the US and its allies.

Although some intelligent officers claimed that the Taliban had not adhered to the conditions signed during this agreement, the US can also take a step back from removing its troops from Afghanistan. However, President Biden took it as an opportunity to break this long-term war and decided to follow the conditions signed during this agreement. Hence, the US army started the migration from Afghanistan in February 2021.

The Aftermath of this evacuation:

Many intelligence agencies believed that within a year of the US army leaving, entire Afghanistan would be under the control of the Taliban. However, the war ended early. And this Sunday, after the Afghan president fled the country, the Taliban declared themselves victorious. Mr Biden also acknowledged this in his speech, saying that the Taliban victory came a little early, which made the withdrawal of their army very hard and messy. Although he had mentioned in his speech that the USA is willing to support all the refugees and take necessary actions to help them evacuate.

Many other nations have assured to help the civilians, but the actions are yet to be taken. No matter who comes out to hold their hands, the fate of the entire population of Afghanistan is now uncertain, and it is going to be extremely difficult to save all of them from this situation.

Rajal Brahmbhatt
Rajal Brahmbhatt
I want to make words fun, someday! Yes, you heard that right. Being someone who panicked every time she saw a book with more than 200 pages, over the years I have 'suffered' for not knowing enough. To remove that, I decided to start the journey of going through those heavy books - few pages at a time. Soon, I realised I was in love. I was in love with the art, the style, the emotions, the metaphors and everything that made me a better person in the end. That's where the idea struck me - Why not take this relationship to the next stage? So these days, I try to scribble on every paper I can find to make some sense out of life. What makes me a good(ish) writer? Efforts, I guess. Believe me, I never stop trying :)



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