At a meeting in Washington, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi stated that a nation must have independent institutions that are not subject to outside pressure

Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, commented on matters of politics during a meeting with journalists on Thursday at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. He asserted that press freedom in India was under threat and that the rest of the world could be seeing the same.


Importance of Press Freedom

Rahul stated that one should be open to criticism and that press freedom is essential for a functioning democracy. He claimed that the institutional structure, which supported the national negotiations, was being restricted.

Indian society is a negotiation between its various ethnic groups, each with their own cultures, languages, and history. To allow for fair and open negotiations, Mahatma Gandhi established the necessary framework. Pressure is mounting on the framework that permits this negotiation, added Rahul.

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On May 30, Rahul Gandhi began a 10-day journey to the US, during which he will stop in at the nation’s capital Washington, DC, as well as New York and San Francisco. On Tuesday, the former Lok Sabha MP travelled to the latter city. He spoke with members of the Indian diaspora on his first day and covered topics like data security, politics, and India’s democracy. 

When asked to comment on the topic by Indian students during an interaction at Stanford University, the ex-Congress chief brought up his disqualification as a Member of Lok Sabha after being found guilty of criminal defamation in March by a Gujarat court in the 2019 ‘Modi surname’ case.

Reaction to Rahul’s US Interactions

However, his interactions in the US were not well received by BJP officials back in the home country. They accused him of tarnishing the country’s name in foreign lands.

Speaking to a number of sources, Union Minister Anurag Thakur took a dig at Rahul and claimed that by trying to disrespect Prime Minister Modi, he actually insults the entire nation. Rahul does not even view India as a nation, he continued, referring to it as a union of states during one of his interactions in the US.

According to Thakur, Rahul’s actions could be attributed to his inability to process Modi’s achievements and the accolades he received on his most recent three-nation visit.

Rahul, said that the RSS and the BJP are in charge of all the political apparatus in India while speaking to an audience of members of the Indian diaspora in Santa Clara, California. he also made a sharp remark about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that if the PM were to sit next to God, he would begin explaining how the cosmos functions, leaving even God perplexed about his own creation.

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Pralhad Joshi, the minister for parliamentary affairs, responded to Gandhi’s comments. He called the former leader of the Congress a “fake Gandhi” and a person “who knows nothing” but has become an authority on everything.

The Indian Overseas Congress’ Sam Pitroda said last week that Rahul Gandhi’s visit aimed to further shared values and a vision of “real democracy.”

Rahul Gandhi began his three-city visit to the United States on May 30. On June 4, he is scheduled to end his journey with a public event in New York. The discussion would take place at New York’s Javits Centre.


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