Punjab’s CM has become a ‘rubber doll’, says Navjot Singh Siddhu


Congress leader Navjot Singh Siddhu met with the Governor of Punjab along with two of the former MLAs Navtej Cheema and Ashwani Sekhri on April 21, 2022. 

After the meeting, Sidhu claimed that the law and order in Punjab has deteriorated drastically under the Bhagwant Mann Government, with 40 people being killed in a month. 

Sidhu indicated that CM Mann has become a ‘rubber doll’. 

Rubber Doll": Navjot Singh Sidhu In Latest Jibe Against Bhagwant Mann
Image source – NDTV.com

Navjot Singh Sidhu’s words 

The Congress leader said, “Does Bhagwant Mann care about Punjab?” 

“The Chief Minister has become a ‘rubber doll’,” he told the reporters. “Punjab’s CM should be ‘ankhila’ (a self-respecting man) who could not be pulled by strings.” 

“Someone is playing the game but someone else is dancing and speaking. The person who is playing the game while sitting in Delhi is the masquerader and he is getting unmasked,” said Navjot Singh Sidhu, taking an apparent dig at AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal. 

“You are politicizing the police force to use it for your own interests,” Sidhu said attacking the AAP government. “The vendetta politics has started,” he said. 

Navjot Singh Sidhu targeting AAP 

Targeting the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Sidhu accused them by saying, “you sold lies and dreams but you do not have resources to fulfill them.”  

“What was the need for making big promises?,” Sidhu asked while pointing out Punjab’s financial position as the worst in the country. 

 Navjot Singh Sidhu Calls Arvind Kejriwal
Image source – ABVP News

Situation of Punjab 

Sidhu said that 85% of Punjab’s state revenue is being spent on salaries, pension and repaying the debt. For the electricity, Sidhu asked the Punjab government of how it is going to meet the rising demands. 

Sidhu said, “Today, the demand for electricity has reached 8000 MV, the how are they going to meet it?” 


In the end, Sidhu also demanded that the wheat growers be given Rs 500 per quintal because of the early onset of the heat wave. 

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Edited By : Khushi Thakur

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