Electronic devices cast radiation that leads to various health issues. It is advised to reduce the use of mobile phones as they produce intense electromagnetic radiation.

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In this era of technological advancement, almost all the devices that we use on a daily basis are electronic devices. Right from vacuum cleaners and microwaves to cellphones and laptops.

Electronic devices play a crucial role in our lives. These electronic devices were invented to ease the work load and save time.

However, the radiation from electronic devices can be hazardous to life.

How does radiation from electronic devices cause health issues?

There is an inbuilt electrical process in our body, like the nervous system, that transmits signals to the brain and the heart that pumps blood, that is electrically active. These biochemical reactions in the body can react with the high-level radiation, resulting in various health issues.

Whichever area is exposed to radiation will lead to heating. And this has been experienced by many while using cellphones for long hours, releasing heat.

Despite other electronic devices used in households, mobile phones are prone to high levels of radiation. And the continuous exposure to radiation can lead to tumors.

Other than this, certain health issues like headaches, nausea, and fatigue are observed in those who are exposed to high levels of radiation.

Adverse health issues are caused by high-level radiation only. whereas low-level radiation seems to have less or no impact.

Measures to avoid the impact of radiation

Nowadays, mobile phones are widely used by people of all ages. The amount of time we spend talking on mobile phones can be reduced.

Instead, using landlines can be an alternative as it doesn’t cause radiation. In addition to that, reducing texting can aid us in getting rid of radiation.

Exposure to electronic gadgets should be reduced in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. In particular, the usage of cell phones should be minimal.

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