After a long wait from the hardcore hip-hop Genre India’s well-known rapper, Producer, and Lyricist Dilin Nair Aka Raftaar. Made a comeback at midnight by releasing an Extended Play.


A perfect return birthday gift to his fandom.

Since Mr. Nair has been invisible like Mr. India (an anil kapoor starrer movie) for a year from hardcore hiphop scene. With great curiosity All  the eyes were on him as he was dropping some clues about some surprise on 16 November.


So On the occasion of his 34th birthday the famous rapper gave a perfect return gift and a reason to celebrate to his fandom. Everybody was just expecting a collaborative track of Raftaar and Badshah. But nobody had any clue that he is going to release whole EP.

Source: Cover art of Hard drive vol. 1. Courtesy Raftaar

Fiery production and features

Hard drive vol. 1. Has really made everyone surprised & left people awestruck with the level of production quality,its newness and feature appearances. 

Raftaar didn’t disappoint on the collaboration front. He brings out some exiting names on productions like DXOR, HARM SANDHU, FRISK, TRACK PROS, YOUNG WILLY, UMAIR and Raftaar himself. And he even gone sick while bringing features going bigger way across 7 tracks, inviting Much awaited BADSHAH, KRSNA, DEEP KALSI, KARMA, SIKANDAR KHALON And surprisingly one of the big name from our neighbor Pakistan none other than FARIS SHAFI.

The Ep Tracklist, “HARD DRIVE VOL. 1” Features 7 Tracks :
  1. ICE               Prod. By Dxor
  2. F16               Prod. By Harm Sandhu
  3. GANGNUM  Prod. By Raftaar 
  4. NO CHINA   Prod. By Co Prod. By Frisk 
  5. 36             Prod. By Track pros
  6. RAASHAH   Prod. By young willy
  7. JASHAN-E- HIPHOP  Prod. By Umair

Dig down more to know about Tracks

  • Speaking about the track, ‘Ice,’ it literally  compares a fandom of Raftaar from the fandom of his opponents. And further tells about the consumption of whack songs. This energy-filled banger is enough to make the audience pumped up. Raftaar also put an English verse in the end.
  • F16 is the most motivational. Sikandar kahlon and raftaar make a lit duo whenever they come together. Both rappers tap into their fierce lyrics & deliver in a powerful, ambition-filled way. I think It is named after an F16 fighter jet showing the fighter spirit of both rappers, this track is an appreciation letter for the crew and close ones of raftaar. Raftaar also remembered POP SMOKE and gave him a respectful shoutout. After Saza-E- Maut This was the second time when he gave much deserving respect to Smoke. 
  • Gangnum is a one of kind track standing tall in the EP. The hook and flow is sick in real sense. In this track raftaar talked about omitting the hidden snakes from his crew. We heard deep kalsi singing more often so when he brought his rap skills he was almost unrecognizable. He talked makin’ a habit of winning. 
  • Coming to the track No China, The track was conceptualized around the Fakeness and being the realest thing. This track explains that Raftaar is no longer interested in brands and tags. And he looks out for the real hearts over expensive clothes. A track with an Amazing soundscape and great beat makes this track standout And who better to bring on such a track than Krsna, who is making his name shining with every track he is releasing.
  • In the track, 36, Raftaar raps about his mindstate and mentality of achieving bigger dreams. He even teased people who call him money minded. as he raps – ‘ Mujhko 36 chahiye bangle, Mujhko 36 chahiye gadi’, also in desi slang 36 refers to different kinds. Using references in the title, he contrasts his dream of becoming the richest for a cause. The hook is lit, karma on a feature again amazed us by his wordplay even he teased his ops showing some glimpses of his past.
  • In Raashah, Raftaar collaborated with ‘BADSHAH’ . It has been a much awaited track; it’s a dream hearing them together on the same track. Since mafia mundeer dissolved and they came together on a track called desi hip hop. The fans wanted this collaboration like Mad. and they joined hands together to create a banger for the ages. When it comes to Badshah on a feature he always tries to complement other rapper styles and he does that marvelously. Both rappers are big names in DHH. In this track we can see hook with double entendre.raftaar also took subliminal shots on his ops. Its A track that every listener will end up playing uncontrollably.
  • Raftaar concludes the EP by a song ‘Jashan-E-Hiphop’ with a well known Pakistani rapper Faris Shafi nobody can ever think of this. The track was produced by a Pakistani dope music producer Umair. The trio Brought some real heat. This track Brought Indian Pakistani artists together on the same track  which justify the track name ‘ jashan-e-hiphop’. the beat switch, Sample of old Bollywood movies,heavy bass,flows and lyrics all things were legit fire from canon
Source: YouTube
Is Hard Drive Vol. 1 EP. The best DHH project in recent times?

Hard drive EP is a follow up project of BAR-ISh  EP and his two older albums  Zero to infinity & Mr Nair in his discography.

The EP is jam packed with pop culture references & Sonically it has variety which would grab anyone’s attention on first listen.

Whole Ep is fueled with the hard fist punches banging the doors all around. Raftaar again showed his mighty penmanship game and versatility with some intelligent bars, hot knife butter rhyme schemes and top-off chopping flows. If not the best This EP will blow up the charts and will rule the playlists for long and Hard drive vol.1 will stand humongous against the other DHH Projects.

Rajneesh Tiwari

Rajneesh Tiwari a.k.a Roniin is a 'Real wanderer on Surrealism'. An Inksmith, Beat producer & Journalist coming from the Midzone of India Katni (M. P.). He holds a masters degree in Journalism and Mass communication. He has been honoured with 'The Emily Dickinson Award' for his creative writing.Roniin is Praised for his broad artistic vision and unorthodox thinking, Since school days he was addicted to comics & novels, The fantasy world fascinated him from there and a interest turned into his passion.


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