Sabyasachi in Collaborations with Swedish brand H&M


Sabyasachi Mukherjee

 He is known to be one of the finest designers in India. Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a self build Indian designer who belongs to a middle-class Bengali family. The designer’s place of birth is Kakinara, West Bengal.

He is a fashion graduate of one of the top Fashion Institutes of India, the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). With his elusive custom designs and visuals, his art of work is celebrated immensely throughout Indian and worldwide.

Sabyasachi is known to be the Father of Indian Traditional. His work productions have often gained appraisals through complicit awards and being part of top recommend Fashions shows in the industry.

He believes in ethical spirituality derived from traditional culture’s essence and beauty, which Indian artisans can only personify. He further categorizes Indian artwork as a blend of individuality and sensitivity to achieve exotic but rich delicate pieces.

His work philosophy is said to revolve around the imperfections of the human hand. His source of inspiration derives from various minorities and ethical customs such as Deserts, gipsies, prostitutes, antique textiles and cultural traditions.

The cloth and the material used as the medium of his manufacturing process constitutes unusual fabrics, texturing and detailing. He saturated the fusion groundwork of embellishments in variant mind compelling colours.

His collections are said to be depictions of the ancient and medieval culture of India. He proclaims his creations to be a work of contemporary delicacy with the aura of an Indian soul. He believes that the course of one’s personality should inhabit clothes.

Sabyasachi’s collections are dawned with elaborate anarkalis, sarees, suits and a mix of traditional and contemporary gowns.

In terms of his lehengas, he has established a new meaning to bridal wear by adding glamour to silhouettes of Indian culture.


Sabyasachi in Collaborations with Swedish brand H&M
Image Source: Today Show

A known multinational Swedish brand is one of the most popularised fast fashion retail companies that deal with sustainable garments worldwide. H&M is said to opertaniliaze in 74 countries.

It is said to be the second retailer after Spain established country Zara. The company was inaugurated in 1947 by Erling Persson in a town in Sweden. Initially, the company only produced women’s clothing; later, it acquired a men and kids apparel collection.

As of 2008, the brand started the production of home furnishings as well. Gradually they contributed to the digital era by initializing an online platform.

Since the beginning of the period, H&M has collaborated with numerous high end and lesser-known designer brands, incorporating them to reach a large audience and a global outlook, which became an eye-opener to the company leading to the formation of the high-value sequence of high low collaborations.

What to expect from the H&M and Sabyasachi collab?

 First time in the history of Indian fashion, a contemporary fusion would be seen in the latest launch by Sabyasachi and H&M.

The collab was first announced last year, due to the uprisal of covid cases, the official launch was kept on hold. But now the collection is out about with a name to its collection’ Wanderlust‘.

Sabyasachi in Collaborations with Swedish brand H&M
Image Source: ShaadiSaga

The designer aims to bring national glory to the global spectrum through this collection, with its new collection available on all platforms on August 12.

The group is to make the consumers dip into the luxuries of Indian hand-crafted textiles, with the constitution of the modern touch will enlist to perceive contemporary gipsy outlook.

The premium pieces facilitate beautiful gauging floral patterns with an idealistic dreamy mint pallet.

The designs aim to give causal wear a touch of authenticity and a glossy look. The collection ranges from Rs 799 and Rs 9,999. 

The collection is said to provide a wide range of choices for men and women, including jewellery, sunglasses, accessories and more.

For the first time in fashion history, H&M will also be showcasing sarees designed exclusively for Indian consumers.

The collection will be available in 65-70 articles and at selected H&M flagship stores in 17 markets and on 48 online needs through worldwide, besides the homegrown market.

The collection is idealized, keeping in mind the casual comfort level with a carry of sophistication yet fashionable.

Shivya Kumar Verma
Shivya Kumar Verma
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