School teacher gets arrested for raping the student in Rajasthan

A private school teacher arrested for rape
Image source: National Herald [Visual representation of girl been raped]

A school teacher got arrested for raping a Class 11th student—a complaint filed by the girl’s brother within Motora police station, Jodhpur Rajasthan. The teacher and three youths booked for gang-raping the girl. The rape victim said she had been raped for three straight years. 


  • The rape victim filed a complaint of rape against a teacher and three other youths
  • A private school teacher arrested for rape 
  • Three youths were have booked for gang-raping the girl

Class 11th student raped by his teacher

On Saturday, a private school teacher was arrested for raping a Class 11th student. While the teacher, identified as Satya Prakash, belongs to the same school as a victim. Along with the teacher, the other three teacher’s associates were have booked for gang-raping the girl.

The complaint lodged by the victim’s brother in Motora police station in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The declaration made by a girl in a police station, the accused had threatened her with dreadful consequences if she disclosed crime to anyone and raped her over three years. On Friday morning, one of the villager’s heard a girl screams from the teacher’s house.

According to the complaint made by the girl’s brother:

“On Thursday morning her sister left home for helping her parents in neighbor’s field. In the evening, when there was no news coming about my sister, family members and villagers searched for her but couldn’t find her.

As we got the information from the villager with the help of the police, we rescued my sister from the teacher’s bathroom, where somebody locked her. Till that time, my sister was unconscious and was lying on the floor. 

We rushed to a local hospital for her treatment and got to know about rape through several investigations”. 

Rape survivor filled a complaint of rape against the teacher and other associates

After the girl’s brother filed the complaint, the case is being investigated by the Osian deputy SP Noor Mohammad. After a few hours of the girl’s admission to the hospital, she gained consciousness.

Deputy Noor Mohammad asked the girl,

“How does she reach the teacher’s house?”

She stated that A car driver met her on the streets when she was going to a neighbor’s field. Further, she said the driver threatened her to accompany him; she was so scared, she complied and sat in the car. Later the driver dropped her at the teacher’s house, raped her. 

The report quoted by a police officer as

“We registered a gang rape and abduction against the teacher and three other associates of the teacher on the complaint of Victim’s brother”.

The teacher was arrested just after the complaint, and the accused was identified as Satya Prakash. Later other three associates ran away, and the search made for them. The girl will give the official statement on Monday, police stated. 

The National Crime Record Bureau [NCRB] revealed 2020 data. According to the data, Rajasthan had more rapes registered in India.

Rajasthan recorded 5,310 rape cases, whereas Uttar Pradesh has 2,769 cases, Madhya Pradesh has been number three with 2,339 cases. Rape has always been a serious crime. Governments had taken initiatives for a decline in crime rates.  

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