Shah Rukh Khan open doors of Mannat for fans.

Shah Rukh Khan open doors of Mannat for fans.
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With Aryan Khan coming back home, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan have opened the doors to Mannat for fans and friends once again.

King Khan had earlier kept his interaction with friends and family to quick phone calls and text messages.

Clueless Abram looked on a Shah Rukh-Gaui-Aryan Khan had a heart-breaking emotional bond. Family friend reveals details.

Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday:

Shah Rukh Khan has turned 56 this Tuesday. On this eve, his fans had gathered outside his Mumbai house Mannat, and they greeted him by singing the birthday song for him.

  Gauri Khan’s son Aryan Khan is out of jail. He was provided bail on Thursday by the Bombay High Court in the drugs on cruise case. However, he had to be in prison as the legal formalities were not complete. He returned home at around 11.30 in the morning. 

It was a festive scene outside Mannat with fans playing dhol, bursting crackers, and waving banners with their message for Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan.

The anti-drugs agency raided a cruise on October 2, which was almost ready to set sail from the port of Mumbai.

During the raid, the anti-drugs agency arrested eight people.  Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was also arrested as he was found on the cruise with drugs.

The agency declared that medicines could be collected from some of them. Since Thursday, Aryan Khan and the others have been in legal custody.

NCB’s raid:

The two witnesses from the Narcotics Crime Bureau’s raid in the Mumbai cruise ship drug case are Manish Bhanushali and Kiran P Gosavi. They were also at the agency’s office when the charge was performed on the cruise. 

The opinion of Gyaneshwar Singh, who is the Deputy Director-General of the Narcotics Crime Bureau, is that Kiran P Gosavi and Manish Bhanushali witnesses from NCB during the raid and after the charge on the cruise. 

This raid caused the arrest of Shah Rukh Khans’ son Aryan Khan, along with Arbaaz Merchant and many others.

Manish Bhanushali said that Nawab Malik had slandered him as he took his name and spread his photographs with some of the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) leaders during the time of press interaction.

Manish Bhanushali told news agencies, ” My life, along with those of my family members, is in danger because of the press conference.

He has defamed me as well as some BJP leaders who had nothing to do with this case. I will be taking legal action against Nawab Malik very soon.”

Aryan Khan jailed:

 On Wednesday, Nawab Mallik, a minister from Maharashtra, equalized astounding allegations that the man was seen taking drugs to the branch office of Narcotics Crime Bureau (NCB) at Mumbai.

That man was a BJP worker, and he blamed Arbaz Merchant for this.” I am a BJP worker. He had previously received information about a drug party on October 1.

My friend suggested to me that I approach the NCB about this. 

The agency had a little information about it, and we added to it.” Said Manish Bhanushali to news agencies on Wednesday. He also mentioned that he wasn’t aware of Shah Rukh Khan’s son being present there.”

The raid was planned to be carried out on October 2, and we went to the spot as witnesses.” I told Manish Bhanushali.

The next day he was found taking Arbaz Merchant to the NCB’s office of Mumbai. Mr Sameer Wankhede, who is the zonal head of the agency, also companied both of them.

Manish Bhanushali’s role:

He said, “I accept that I was with the NCB officers. However, it only seemed like I am holding a person with person with NCB officer because it was a narrow lane.”

While discussing the press conference of Nawab Mallik, Manish Bhanushali blamed the ministers for playing dirty politics with them. He explained.

“We are all working here only for the betterment of the nation. “To safeguard the agency, which was facing criticism since the raid, Bhanushali said, “Sameer Wankhede has done nothing wrong.

” He added, ” He had not spoken to any BJP leader as of now. But he will seek police protection for himself and for his family in Mumbai. “Mr Manish Bhanushali, who appears as one of the workers of BJP, was found escorting one of the friends of Aryan Khan.

The name of that person is Arbazz Merchantt. This incident was caught in a video when the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) raided a drug party. It said to take judicial action against Nawab Malik, an NCB leader, to defame him.

Homecoming of Aryan Khan:

As Shah Rukh Khan was recently in the news after his son Aryan got arrested last month after a team of the Narcotics Crime Bureau conducted a raid at an alleged rave party on a Goa-based ship. On October 28, Aryan was granted bail.

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