Vote with your wallet and show your loyalty to the brands that work to support our planet. This may be quite helpful in persuading companies to keep up or establish environmentally friendly practices.
Some of the more effective methods are listed here.


Support sustainable fashion

You may start making a difference in your environmental footprint by being more conscious about the clothing you buy. Only clothing firms that use safe, non-hazardous materials in their production and pay their workers a living wage are considered sustainable. By choosing these labels over fast fashion labels, which make trendy, low-priced garments in frequently unsustainable ways, consumers are sending a message to other businesses.

Look for the Fair Trade Certified logo on a company’s website or on the tags of the garments themselves to see if the company engages in environmentally friendly production methods. Also, keep an eye out for the Bluesign label, which verifies that the fabrics used were manufactured in a sustainable and ethical manner. Look for the Fair Labor Association’s seal of approval on a company’s website to know you’re supporting an ethical business that treats its employees with respect and cares about the environment. If you keep an eye out for these seals, you may steer clear of businesses that engage in greenwashing, or the practice of making it appear as though their company operations are more sustainable than they actually are.

Repurpose your rejects

There are a variety of ways to reuse an item of clothing if you’ve grown out of it or decide you no longer like it. First, you may upcycle clothing that still fits by doing things like dyeing a shirt or mending and embroidering jeans. Make a quilt or tote bag out of your old shirt instead of throwing it away.
A garment exchange is a great activity for folks who don’t think of themselves as creative. One of the most eco-friendly ways to shop is to recycle your old clothes. One other option is to give the garments away to a charity in the area.

Buy Sustainable Products from Online Stores

Brand marketplaces that promote ethical and environmentally responsible trade practices aren’t only for garments; they’re also a great resource for discovering brands that offer anything from sustainable cleaning goods to snacks.

Go for sustainable pieces of furniture

For their products to be certified as “green” by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), furniture makers must adhere to a long list of criteria. Sustainable furniture is defined as long-lasting items that are made in a morally upstanding manner, preferably from natural materials and free of synthetic chemicals and substances. Furniture made from recycled materials reduces the quantity of the trash that may be thrown away during manufacturing and consumer usage. Look for green seals of approval on the manufacturer’s website to ensure a sustainable manufacturing process. Among the places this may be especially important is on your mattress. Since you will be spending one-third of your life in bed, it makes sense to invest in a mattress that is chemical-free and constructed from all-natural materials. Find a standard spring mattress that has been certified as organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard. Find a foam mattress that has been certified as meeting the Global Organic Latex Standard.

Use sustainable packing and shipping

It’s possible that your internet shopping and Christmas gift-giving habits contribute to negative environmental practices, both in terms of the packaging materials you use and the methods employed for transportation. Ship your items in uniformly sized boxes and use newspaper as cushioning rather than buying new packing materials. Extra points if you already have these items on hand and are reusing them to save money. When making a purchase, choose the delivery option that takes the longest, since this will use already established routes and not add to the production of greenhouse gases.

Rupal Rao

Fashion and Culture writer at Asiana Times.


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