Silsila Alikhil was Held Captive For More Than 5 Hours in Pakistan.


What happened in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad?

Silsila Alikhil, the daughter of Ambassador Najib Akhil, was abducted by an unidentified group of assailants from Islamabad, Pakistan. On Friday, Silsila Alikhil was kidnapped while riding in a rented vehicle and was captured for more than five hours. She was attacked in the Rana Market of the Kohsar area, Islamabad and later found near the F-9 Park area in Islamabad with several torture marks on her body.

After being released from captivity, she is being treated in the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences state hospital

“The MoFA strongly condemns this heinous act and expresses its deep concern over the safety and security of diplomats, their families, and staff members of the Afghan political and consular missions in Pakistan.”

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, making a statement.

The ministry urged an investigation and protection for Afghan diplomats, after being released from the kidnappers’ captivity, Miss Alikhil is under medical care at the hospital, the statement added. No further details have been released concerning the abduction in Islamabad. The citizens and the activists condemned the horrible incident. They demanded action in Islamabad to bring the criminals to justice.

Alikhil is being treated in the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences state hospital. After the medical reports were shared online and confirmed by the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences state hospital, it gave her age: 26. The reports also confirmed that she was admitted with swelling and rope marks on the wrists and ankles, noting that she had some swelling in the brain’s rear occipital region.

In a statement following up on Saturday, the Afghan foreign ministry said that she was kidnapped and ‘severely tortured’ on Friday when she was on her way home. The hospital reports and the officials both have confirmed that an unknown group of assailants abducted her. Leaving her with injuries and rope marks.

PM, Imran Khan, wants the case to be treated as a top priority

After the police investigation, the security has been increased and tightened for the ambassador and his family. Nabil Akhil has condemned the act as an “inhuman attack”, he said that his daughter is “feeling better”. Pakistan’s PM, Imran Khan, wants this to be treated as a top priority and wants the culprits to be caught immediately within 48 hours.

What Sheikh Rashid has to say about the case?

There is no evidence that the daughter of the envoy was kidnapped, according to Pakistan’s interior minister, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed. In the statements made by him on a programme called ‘Naya Pakistan’ on Geo news. According to him, he said that the kidnapping had not taken place. Adding, “I want to tell the entire nation, this is an international racket, an international conspiracy”, he declared.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are experiencing strained relations

The ties between the two countries appear to be strained due to the rising violence in Afghanistan. The situation is leading both countries to point their fingers at each other.

Afghanistan claims Islamabad sends thousands of militants into war-torn countries and that Islamabad shelters the Taliban in its country. As a response, on its part, Pakistan claims that Afghanistan harbours the anti-Pak groups Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, the Pakistani Taliban and the separatist Baloch Liberation Army.

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