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by Eesha Javadekar

Fairphone is a Dutch electronics firm that creates and manufactures cell phones intending to have a smaller environmental footprint and a more significant social effect than is typical in the industry. In particular, the company’s goal is to maximize the use of non-disputed minerals in its products while minimizing the use of minerals from globally conflicted areas. Amsterdam, which is nestled in the Netherlands, is the location of the company’s headquarters. It was established in 2013 as a social business with the assistance of the Waag Society.

After running a campaign for two and a half years, Bas van Abel, Tessa Wernink, and Miquel Ballester established Fairphone in January 2013 as a social entrepreneurship firm. The firm’s website boasts that it “designs and manufactures cellphones with little impact on society and the environment.”

1. Producing items that are built to last.

They build things to last a long time, be simple to fix, and have modular expansion options. Their objective is to make your phone’s hardware survive as long as possible and to give the assistance necessary to ensure that its software is kept up to date at all times. When a person keeps their phone for longer, the device’s impact on the environment is reduced.

2. Lessening the amount of electronic trash

They aspire to maximize the potential of the components used in consumer devices while minimizing waste. By promoting the reusing and repairing of our phones, exploring the many alternatives for recycling electronic trash, and working on cutting down on electronic waste all across the globe, they are bringing us, rather they are integrating a global and sustainable economy.

3. Ethically sourced materials

By selecting more ethically sound products, they ensure that we have a beneficial impact on its root cause by going directly to the source. They are striving to promote industry and consumer awareness by including fairer, recyclable, and ethically mined materials into our phones one material at a time. This is being done one material at a time.

4. Prioritizing their employees 

They are developing novel approaches to enhance the quality of life enjoyed by employees in the sector. As a result, workers are being listened to, and improved working conditions, employee representation, income prospects, and chances for progress are being created in collaboration with the companies that provide them.

The concept behind the Fairphone is that if you want a phone with new technology, you can acquire it without having to replace your existing device totally — and if anything goes wrong with the phone, such as if you drop it, it can be readily replaced. This is the central premise behind the Fairphone. As a result, the Fairphone is the opposite of most smartphones available today. Furthermore, it demonstrates how tech firms might build devices differently to make them more durable and environmentally friendly.

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